June 23, 2014

Six months later...

Yes, it's true.  I've been out of the loop so long, I wondered if I'd ever stroll over here to say another word.

But then, today, I thought about starting a blog just for my grandson, Joshua Liam.  That prompted time sitting here working on just the right background, etc...
...and it took me ALL DAY because the title of the blog is, 'While Joshua Sleeps', which means I'm not sitting here working on anything while he's awake.  And he has been a cat napper!  Sleeping twenty minutes here, an hour there and before I knew it, the day was over and I had only written a post.  So, after spending time with Love and the boys, I sat back down and finished the designing of this special memory.

Caleb asked me about all my 'other blogs' and it made me miss writing here.  This particular blog has lasted the longest, with the most information about the goings on in my life.

So, how does one sum up six months of living in one post?  Carefully.  Sum it up...

The last semester of school for the boys went well.  As the yearbook coordinator/teacher, we passed the finish line and submitted our final draft.  Our copy came in the mail today and I am so proud of the students for all their hard work.

When school ended., we had believed we were going to take a trip to see my sister and her family in S. Carolina and then head up the east coast to NY to see our newest grandson, Preston Allen Ritenburg...baby #4.  But we didn't have a vehicle yet!

We began the search and every time we looked at another van, God would somehow reveal by what would be spoken or some strange thing that THAT was NOT our van!

I searched and searched, all the while being thankful.  I KNEW our van was out there!  I found a van on Craigslist and we went on Memorial day to look at it.  Our dear friend, Mino, came over to the dealership to see if it was a good deal and he gave us the thumbs up!  We purchased a 1999 Toyota Siena with new tires, every single oil change, etc, and it is PAID FOR!!!
I cannot begin to describe how awesome it feels to get in it, turn it over and feel cold air blowing on me!
We took our trip and came back safe and sound.

After we got back...and there are lots of photos and memories that I want to post eventually...
...just last week, I began caring for little Joshua.  Hence, the blog, 'While Joshua Sleeps'.

This is going to be an exciting season of our life.

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