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It all began back in July, 2014. (Just in case someone reads this in say, 2025!)
I've been struggling for a long time with my eating habits, gaining weight, binge eating to deal with stress, and on and on. 
Then my daughter shared how she'd bought this book and was eating differently and losing weight.  I was intrigued, but I knew some ladies that had been 'doing' THM, but I hadn't seen any noticeable changes in them, so I dismissed its validity.
But Rachael kept on me about how easy and inexpensive it was as well as getting to eat desserts!  
I'd prayed and prayed for answers, so why not try it? 
At one point, I was getting discouraged because I wasn't seeing any weight loss.  It had been a couple of months and nothing.  But I made a commitment to God and myself not to give up because I DID see a huge change in my joints.  I'd been waking up every day with joint pain in my legs so severe, I couldn't even walk to the bathroom.  After removing sugar and breads from my diet, the pain left, too!  So, I knew that this was a good change and eventually, if I didn't give up, I would see change.
Well, it's been five months and I've lost almost ten lbs.  
But more important than losing weight is the hope of winning over the mindset that food controls me and that being healthy is more work than it's worth...LIES!

************************************************* Update: Jan. 7, 2015
I've now lost thirteen lbs. and lost lots of inches...I know it's true because my pants are all falling off me!

*************************************************Update: January 15, 2015
Lost another lb.  It's time to be more consistent with my photography, so why not post some of the foods I eat!!!

A finished bowl of SCO with blackberries and GY.

*******************************update:  April 27th, 2015
I admit, things have been challenging lately...birthday cake, a battle with sugar that I don't always win.  I believe I may have gained about five lbs. back, but I'm not giving up and I definitely am thankful for a paradigm shift in my thinking.

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