January 1, 2014

Cinderella and Hope

As the rooster crowed off in the distance, I sleepily woke to this scene from Elf in my thoughts:

...but it wasn't Buddy jumping up and down about Santa coming, it was ME jumping up and down and screaming like Buddy about Jesus.  I KNOW HIM, I KNOW HIM.

Talk about waking with a smile...and there was no Folgers in my cup~
(I don't drink coffee anymore!)

Think about the reality of telling people, "I know Him.  I know Him.  This is what He's like."

This is what I dream of for this year.  This is my passion.  To walk so closely to Jesus that when His name is spoken, something inside of my being leaps with joy and I exclaim, "I know Him!"

My guess is that if Daddy woke me up with this visual, I can bank on it!

I sat up, giggling to myself, pondering the magnitude of that much zeal for Him when I saw myself as Cinderella...missing my shoe.  (Not sure where the movie themes keep coming from and the switch from one movie to another one!) I saw Him draw near.  He had the shoe!

My heart's cries have reached His ears and my Prince of Peace has come with the answer.  He knows where the missing shoe is. 
I don't have to search for it. 
As He bends down to put it on my foot, I am satisfied. 
It fits. 
I fit. 
I would love to write that we danced together, but the reality is the dance hasn't begun yet. 
But there is hope. 
Confidence that the things I've been believing for will come to pass. 

So, this new year, as you awake each morning, listen. 

Just listen for His voice. 
He may make you laugh. 
He will be near you. 
I know Him. 
He delights in singing over each one of us.
He promised and if there's one thing I know about my Daddy...
He NEVER lies.

1 comment:

Pam Funke said...

I enjoyed your post. It is amazing and awesome to know Jesus! I pray that others get to know Him also.


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