July 22, 2011

Bike chains and dog chains...

There are times when, as a woman approaching her fifties, I sense that time is running short to do all the 'fun' things that should be done before I hit the pearly gates! 
So, today, I was persuaded to bike ride with twin twelve, soon to be thirteen year old, boys...and mind you, bike riding should be something that's done daily, at least that's what Caleb thinks, and I told him we could do that...

It all began when Isaac came to me and with a Middle Eastern accent, told me that they'd filled my tire (and not blew it up!) and wanted me to take a spin with them...and holding my hand, he drew me away from a letter I was writing...(sometimes these two just amaze me with their wooing skills!)
I told dad I was going to take a ride with the boys to which he responded, "You should take a ride with the boys!  Do you have a horn or can you say honk, honk?"  I honked and he gave his approval...off we went!  (He's been in a really goofy mood lately, very witty and just a hoot!)

Coming around the corner of a street named, 'Anaconda' (that should have been my first clue), a dog came running out of a house when a woman opened her door and a man carrying his little girl walked in.  Immediately the dog began barking at us as we rode by and I heard the woman yell the dog's name, but she didn't seem to care and closed her door.
The dog kept pace with us, barking, hair raised on its back and would wander into a front yard and then come back barking...I thought to myself, 'all bark, no bite' just as this dog came into the street and BIT ME! 
Immediately, Caleb dropped his bike and went after the dog!  I mean literally went for the dog...I was concerned he'd get bit, but instead the dog wandered back into a yard.  With great aim, Caleb took off his helmet and threw it at him, hitting the thing square in its back (broke his helmet!!!)!  The dog began whimpering, and wandered back toward it's house, which is where I was also headed! 

I felt so honored by my son's chivalry that I'd do it all over again just to see the man in him rise up to protect his mother!  That's my boy~

This was a big dog, not a little yipey thing, either!  I knocked on the woman's door and when I told her, she asked if I was ok, and I told her, "NO, your dog just bit me!"  She apologized profusely, but I told her to keep her dog in her yard...I was too overcome to even think of saying all the things I'd thought of on my way to her house!!!!  That was a good thing.  One never knows if maybe one is going to the same church or worse...I see her in a situation where she'd need ministry and I was the ranting woman she'd had at her front door!!!

Well, my nerves have somewhat settled and I checked my leg...no open flesh!  But I just drove to get the address and when I made a report so no one else gets bitten, the man said she'll get between two and six tickets!  Wow!  Very painful lesson! 

Who would have thought that today would have turned out like it has so far?  Yet, I did what I set out to do:  GET MY HEART RATE UP!

Have a great weekend.  Won't be around again until after we get back from the Coast...with tons of pictures, too!!!

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Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

Wow! I'll bet your heart was racing! That sounds like quite an adventure. I would have been too chicken to go down a street with the name "Anaconda." :)


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