July 21, 2011

As the waves return to the shore...

After a month or so away, it is so good to be back and writing again...


"Intimacy is the mutual mingling of souls who are taking each other into themselves to ever increasing depths. The truly erotic is the mingling of souls. Because we are free beings, intimacy cannot be passive or forced."                  Dallas Willard                                                       

Our twenty-ninth anniversary is approaching.  Like waves returning to the shore, my heart returns yearly to the memory of those special moments that remind me that I am his and he is mine...

,~he chose me, a single mom with a little girl named Rachael.

~he embraced and chose her to be his own, adopting and giving her his name.

~I followed him as he followed Jesus to KY for twelve years and together we had two beautiful boys.

~he gave me the gift of staying home to care for our three little ones, as well as freedom to work from home and occasionally get a job only to decide within six months that I wanted to be home!

~he got up every morning to go to a miserable job so I could stay home.

~he put me through beauty school and cared for the children while supporting my dream.

~I learned what love was through this patient, long-suffering man...

~I packed up everything and we headed back to NY because Daddy had spoken His Word to his heart and tears flowed as we headed back home...

~after eleven years of bugging him, he agreed to more children and we got doubly blessed with twins boys.

~after twelve years in NY, three local moves, an unsold home and no job, I followed him again to fulfill God's Word and dream for him to Texas.

~He moved to the country for me, despite his desire to be in the city...

~I learned to trust Daddy's love deeper when he lost his job for the third time, we had to leave the 'Ranch' and he needed me to be his cheerleader.

~He fought for me when we needed freedom from an oppressive situation and God delivered us by giving him His word.

~we grew more in love as we sought His heart for our life together, despite the struggles we found ourselves in...

~he opened his heart and our home to bring my parents to Texas to live with us.

~I wear the same band he placed on the third finger of my left hand so long ago and the Mother's day ring for the right hand back in 2004...the only two rings I ever wear. 

Thank you, my love, for twenty-eight years of adventure...I don't regret any of it, for I know that the best is yet to come.
I love you, Jef.

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Hollinger Family said...

congratulations~ beautiful post.

Could I correspond w/ you via e-mail about how you blend the responsibilities of children AND parents into your daily life. m.i.l. has moved in w/ us, and although I love her dearly, I am feeling very overwhelmed at the added expectations on my days. aka...How do you do it all??


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