May 11, 2011

Mid-Week Catch Up~

After only being able to talk on my cell phone through the speaker, I finally went to Sprint and got an upgrade via my Love's account!  Whew!  A free phone is always the best, even though I know NOTHING is free; but I did receive a little 'belt holder' for free.  Love can use my account in Sept. to get an upgrade and a new phone (he's had the same phone for five years!!!)  Amazing.

Then there was Mother's day. 
 I'm speechless. 
I've never felt more started long before Sunday. 
My sweet Rachael & hubby sent me a card with notes and hand-prints from Hailey and Triny and their 'signature', too. 
Tear-filled day.
When I woke up on Sunday, Love made me keep my eyes closed and he walked into the dining room videotaping me...I was instantly overwhelmed because Josh had been there...he enlarged thirteen of my photos; and I mean enlarged...there were life-size pix of Triny, Patience, Rachael, Dan...its like they are here with me. 
On the sideboard was a giant pix (see below) which topped the whole gift off, along with the roses and lilies!

 All I could do was sob and try to breathe. 
These were photos he searched for from my external hard drive that he came and stole and returned without my knowing! 
What a guy!
The little boys made me oatmeal and a card...I never did eat it in bed because I couldn't stop crying and looking at these amazing pictures~

That afternoon, I received a portfolio from Carrissa and her two, we hung out while the little one and Love napped, then we all piled into her Flex and headed to N. Braunfels for a swim and an impromptu photo shoot! 

 It was a blast...we always wind up at Mc D's for ice cream when we have an outing, so the day ended sweet...we had dessert first, then came home to dad's BLT's!  Great ending to a fantastic day!

I did get to enjoy the service on Sunday morn with my mom.  The message was on adoption/foster parenting.  I cried through the entire service, literally.  We have wanted to adopt for years, even gone through all the classes, but then we heard, "NOT NOW."  In hindsight, it's easy to see why; but at the time, I could not understand.  So, we are fulfilling the Scripture about caring for the widows and orphans, just not the way I/we planned.  There will come a time when one of my parents leaves their shell and heads to heaven...then we'll be caring for a widow or widower and it'll really hit home then!
Then, Monday evening, Amy came over and brought me the exact things I'd picked up to buy at JoAnn Fabrics but laid back down!  God knew and I was listening...what a gift she is and I do see her as my own daughter!  Jordan, her son, is like a grandson to me!
Last night, my dear friend, Lisa, called to wish me a happy day...seems like every day there's been a reminder that my 'job' of mothering is a worthwhile venture!

Today I received this: 

The same thought resonates through my brain every time I receive something from Hailey...
What if I had aborted Rachael? 

There would be no Hailey, Trinity or Patience.
Immediately I'm overwhelmed again with the mercy of God towards me in my sin.

For all those women who believed the lie that it's just 'a blob of tissue'...
I am so sorry...

(If you'd like to write me about your story, I'd love to hear it.  Getting it 'out' helps.)

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David Rupert said...

That card she made is amazingly cute! And your breathless reminating about the value of life -- and what abortion does -- is a reminder of what good choice brings.


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