May 21, 2011

Are there termites eating at your tree?

Last evening, the twins and their buddy, Jordan, came running into the house exclaiming that they'd just witnessed a tree around the corner topple over! (Sigh of relief that they weren't under it!)

Caleb went back  with my camera and took these pix:


This morning as we walked, I took advantage of the we examined the tree together, we talked about the lesson to be learned...
that we can go a long time and even produce leaves (works), but if we don't regularly 'check ourselves' to see that we're healthy on the inside, we will crash, both physically and spiritually!

Along those lines, I have been pondering, first when I heard the initial news of Arnold and his wife, Maria Shriver's divorce after twenty-five yrs. of marriage (nothing happens out of nowhere...there had to be a history of problems that came to a head) and then when new reports came out that Arnold Schwarzenneger had fathered a child fourteen yrs. ago.
From all appearances, he had everything...fame, fortune, notoriety. 
All that is gone, or at least tainted now. 
Wonder...was it worth it?

This is just another reminder that no one is exempt from the consequences of their choices.  It may be hidden for fourteen years, but it will come into the light for all to see.
Reminds me of Jesus saying that whatever you speak in private will be proclaimed on rooftops! 
Help me, Jesus, to check myself, guard my lips and remember that all heaven is cheering me on, my words/life is being recorded and one day EVERYONE WILL SEE THE MOVIE!
Until that time, I'll keep my eyes open for those nasty termites...

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Hollinger Family said...

Great lessons to learn from and ponder...
Amazing pictures (as always)...


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