April 26, 2011

A glorious birthday week

Isn't celebrating a birthday far more wonderful when it's spread out over days?  That's what happened this year.
 My love took me out on Thursday evening and bought me a new lens that I'm learning how to use, four dresses and showered me with much affection. Then, Sunday, my boys, three out of the four, bought me a bougainvillea tree and bush that they gave me at Josh's during my surprise party. 
We need rain so I can plant them...really need rain...the dry ground is cracked and too resistant to any type of planting and there are water restrictions already in place.  Yesterday as I watered my flowers in the front yard, I saw a helicopter flying in the distance and wondered, no worried, that the water police were out in search of all the water hogs in SA!!!  I hurried and got back in the house so I wouldn't be in trouble.

Life has been getting back into somewhat of a routine, but things are winding down and I'm really ready for 'school', at least the seat work part to be over!  That's when the real learning begins! 

My Leadership class ends this Wed. and although I'm sad I won't be sitting down with the same five other Grace Pointers, I am relieved it's finished.  I plan on taking the same class in the fall...

I've been taking oodles of pix that can be seen on my Facebook page, if you're interested.  That's where I come alive...not the Facebook page, but in capturing life all around me.

It's not Monday, but that's never stopped me from being grateful...so here's my latest gratitude list:

~my Love spoiling me with a surprise party on Sunday

~my son, Josh, making shishkabobs the night before to grill

~hearing a voicemail message from my son, Dan, the next day, wishing me a happy birthday.  Now I can listen to it over and over.

~receiving a card and check for a lot of money from my in-laws...sweet!

~all the gifts I received from everyone that came to Josh's, including an MP3 player, two picture frames,
two handmade little birdhouses, plants, a scarf, money and cards.  Overwhelming love.

~that evening, listening to Hailey and Trinity sing to me.  Made me cry!

~that our grill housed and raised three wrens...and that we can now grill with no fear of harming them!

~Isaac made me a chocolate bliss cheesecake with Oreo crust...oh my word!

~I am grateful for how deeply I am loved.

~my sister in NY calling and chatting.

~my sister here sending a mum and pot home with my dad for me.

~My love getting his car fixed so I can have mine back.

~Grace Point Church and their encouragement to me to capture events going on with my Canon camera

~my Life Group family

~my dad receiving a letter from his sister after writing and repenting to her and the restoration that only God brings when they humbled themselves.

~air conditioning when the temps reach close to 100 degrees!~

~being God's friend through Jesus

~my Savior rising from the dead JUST FOR ME!

Have a blessed week as you love others just as He loved you!


Caroline said...

Hi Daune- Happy belated birthday to you! Sounds like you had a great time and were truly spoilt by your family.

Best wishes from England!

Caroline x

mom2six said...

Happy birthday and lovely list!

daune said...

Thank you both! It was a glorious week and it isn't over!

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

My husband always teases me: "You don't have a birth-DAY, you have a birth-MONTH."

Sounds like you were richly blessed in yours. :)

daune said...

Yes, Jennifer, I was!...am! I agree that birthdays should be done with much merriment! Thanks for stopping by!


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