March 12, 2011

The papers...

It's very comforting to be prepared, yet, when it comes time to prepare for death, is it possible?
This past week, my parent's signed 'The Papers'...the ones that seal in the price of their burial.  The moment of its happening is already written in eternity, and now the logistics are settled here on earth.  *Sigh*

We were able to laugh about the colors of the casket, had they chosen to be buried in one...There were several colors to choose from:  black, pink, white--yet mom's comment was,'Why would I want to get a white casket dirty!'...and she was serious.   Then dad said he didn't want to be buried in Buffalo, 'because it's too cold!'...and he was serious...death is a funny subject to discuss when it isn't happening.

The reality is, though, that, at some moment, they're going to leave us.  I think of that day often and wonder how my life will change.  Will I continue to homeschool if dad goes first?  Can I?  I'll be fully responsible for mom's care-24/7.   Can't think about that too long and I don't need to.  He knows the end from the beginning and I trust He's knows best.

Our lives move so swiftly that sometimes we miss the beauty.  May I live today as if it were my last, with no regrets.


It's in the air here and it's beautiful...

Jewel loves Caleb, especially when he reads to her.

Then she, Jewel, proceeds to give him a 'peck' on the lips in gratitude!  It was adorable.

Seeds I planted only days earlier...the lamp is doing a great job speeding up the process.

  the Martin house I received for Christmas...completely refurbished, ready to be inhabited...
please come soon, Martins.

A Calla Lily beautifies the front...

We always wander over to the creek after we leave the was no exception.  I love the beauty of boy play in creeks.

Observing a heron high above...

It's been a wild two weeks and I regret (see, I've got to work on that, so there are NO regrets about anything!) that I haven't written much.  I've been doing a lot of introspection with this Leadership class, working on being intentional with school, and continuing to work on my photography business by reading and practicing...much to learn.
I asked God for time to rejuvenate and He gave me today...the windshield man came over to put a new one on Josh's/Jef's new car and I witnessed to him and then before he left, I prayed with him...that rejuvenates me deeply.  To know I'm a conduit and He flows through me energizes me!!! 
Then later in the day, He gave me time alone--no one was home.  I sat outside and read James 1 over and over. 
I am so grateful.
Then later in the day...great news...My in-laws are coming to see us...I've dreamed about this since we moved here...they'll be here in Sept...a little cooler...HA!  Can't wait...then we'll see them again when we head up there in Oct. for a wedding I'm in! 
Life is good...a sidenote:
My granddaughter, Patience, weighs twenty lbs. now!  Oh, to hold her, Trinity, and Hailey...I've got some special gifts for them when they get'll be a blast...they're coming in April...then my niece plans on coming in August to see all of us...with her sister...Yippee!!!

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