March 1, 2011

The last day of February...

As a memorial to my Love, I must post his last gift to me for our Valentine's month celebration :

Our love is a wild, wild
with majesty and danger throughout__
We began this journey
oblivious to what we
were getting into.
I kept you from the edge many times
and you've pulled me back from
the brink
You're my hero, saving me many times.

For my part, I like to think I
that devotion makes up for stupidity.
It doesn't--but you forgive
And we go on.

And sometimes--in the night
or morning
the magic happens--and all makes sense
it's all put right--and we go on.
And we remember...we remember, Lord,
the things that made us
start this journey to
begin with.

Jef Smith
end 2/28/2011

Love, you have made this month the best we've ever had...especially your last gift:..Tatoo Gel Pens! 
Thank you for the poem.  I love it and I'm lovin' this adventure we're on.

I found this on my pillow two days ago...then a lighter that he gave me last nite and told me that I light his fire!

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