March 15, 2011

The stove was on fire...

  This morning, I was awakened by Caleb telling me that grampa was making gramma eggs when the burner burst into flames.  Then, he told me that Isaac had a temp of 103.2 so he sent him 'back to bed'!  What a great twin brother.
Grampa is fine, the eggs were cooked on another burner and Isaac's temp dropped to 99.5 before he went to bed tonite. He slept the day away.
  Those words were a rather abrupt way to wake today.  Isn't it funny how Caleb thought he was just informing me, but I took it as a fearful occurence and woke right up and asked if his grampa was ok. 

I see how easy it can be to jump to conclusions. 

 Gratefully, they let me sleep because everything was fine. 
The God of the Universe holds me in His hands.
Normally, if I consistently blogged, it would be Wordless Wednesday.  But today I must write words.  I have to frame them to declare that no matter what is going on around me, I have Jesus, his joy and a confidence that God fights my battles for me. 
His joy is my strength and I refuse to let go of that JOY.  I shouldn't be surprised that since I've been studying James this week that my endurance and perseverance is being tested.

 I choose to count it all joy...
All joy when:
the stove is on fire
my son has a temp of 103.2
I am misunderstood and told to 'use my brain for once'
cutting words take me back to being a child again and yet there is no more pain associated with the remarks
I am so tired that my head hurts
there aren't enough hours in the day to finish all I need to 'do'

Jesus gave us HIS joy...
Do you have joy?  What are the joy robbers that work overtime to steal from you?  How are you being intentional about keeping your joy?
Drop me a note.  I'd love to hear your story.
If you don't have joy, would you like to? 

1 comment:

Hollinger Family said...

Joy is knowing who is in control when we aren't; it is the inner peace of Christ despite our outer circumstances; it is the heart smile of knowing we.are.loved.


great post Daune, and as always you pics are lovely!
blessings, Sheri


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