March 25, 2010

The Girls...

There seems to be a drive in me lately to sit and chronicle  a visual history, if possible.

This pretty girl is Snowflake, so pure and white.  She was the first one Caleb picked up when we reached our destination, Blanco. 

Two years ago we sold our nine hens to another homeschool family in Blanco and since then this amazing family has bred, raised, sold eggs and shown their variety of chickens in shows!  They have almost two hundred chickens now!  Little did we or they know how this passion for poultry would take off!

It was a wonderful trip to the hill country and a short visit into Blanco to walk through the shops, meet a shop owner that lived on the street thirty years ago that we live on now~what a small world!  She is interested in my business and wants me to contact her when my inventory is ready!

We picked out five different kinds of hens and they tagged them for us.  When the coop is ready, we'll venture out, leave the city behind and climb the hills to adopt these amazing creatures.  I'm as excited as the boys to bring home a Leghorn, a Barred Rock, a Plymouth Rock, Road Island Red, and an Ameraucana, I believe...variety!  We'd get more, but SA has laws about how many one can have...*sigh*

We've only named the one, though.  It was a simple choice...we left snow behind, so it fit.
I'm not sure if the picture does her justice, but this one has a gorgeous iridescent color on her back.  My dad wants to name one of them, so perhaps this will be the one. 

There were about ninety little pair of feet running all over in just this one fenced area, so trying to pick just the right one was a challenge.  It was a blast to watch the boys chase them all over this huge pen and finally catch one to see if she 'fit'.

Saying goodbye was tough for the twins.  They were ready to plop them in their laps and drive home!  We have much to do to be ready.

Only as we drove from their property did we realize we were going to hit the end-of-day commute and we wanted to avoid traffic and lights, so we wound around  to Rt. 46 toward Boerne, one of my favorite little towns.   Along the way, we stopped for me to shoot the Blue Bonnets for my mother-in-law...I even picked a few from the roots to plant!

It always saddens me to head back into the city, but it's not time to move again.  I'll just enjoy these short trips and dream...

Family came for a delicious dinner my dad and sister cooked, I gave my nephew a haircut and now I am ready to hit the comfort of my bed, next to the love of my life. 

Life is grand, if only one stops long enough to revel in His beauty and take in His magnificence. 

How do you recharge? 

What rekindles your zeal? 

I'd like to hear. 


Caroline said...

Like you Daune, the outdoors, God's creation and being in beautiful scenery helps me to recharge my batteries. A long strenuous walk in the mountains with hubby, marvelling in God's handiwork is the perfect way for me rest and be energised at the same time! Only wish I could spend more time like this. One day, perhaps. Oh, and I love reading and being lost in a book which I can't put down. Doesn't happen too often either, but lovely when it does.

Daune said...

We definitely have to sit over or in eternity~
Your mountains are much larger than ours here *smile*-*sigh*!
What are you reading now?


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