March 24, 2010

...and the rain fell...

...and the rain falls-




satisfying the need



...and the rain falls-

drenching my heart,

filling me with


power to be

His witness,

satifying the need



Each one has been given gifts.  I have been given a gift to act.  It's not something I would have chosen for myself.  Personally, it would suit me just fine to sit at the sewing machine and make costumes behind the scenes or do makeup for a character other than myself!  But lately, I've been called on to turn my gift and give my best to Him.
Tonight I had the privilege of standing before a classroom of people at church and recite Ephesians 2:1-10.  I've done this several times now and each time I experience a 'drawing' out from me to those I stand before.  I become His conduit and I know it's Him, not me.  That part is exhilerating! 
Here is the link to the skit my Love and I did on Sunday before the message...if you'd like to laugh (and the message is great, too!).

Each one of us is His masterpiece, as individual as these handprints of our granddaughters. 

He has been preparing good works for us to do. 

What are the good works He is orchestrating through you to show how amazing He is? 

1 comment:

myletterstoemily said...

great skit! you are a gifted actress,
and so is your husband.

i'm sure your recitation will be

happy palm sunday,


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