March 22, 2010

Gratitude this season...

The week's reflections:  reminded of our health, our dreams being fulfilled and projects beginning to take shape...

#140:  a healthy boy:

We sat in the doctor's office twice this past week, books in hand, having given 'Twinner A' two different medications that failed to arrest the persistent 'barking seal' cough.  Finally, a steroid along with another med and the seal left!  It went from a virus to a double ear infection, to pneumonia!  I don't believe this child has ever slept so much nor ate so little...glad we're finished with that ordeal.

#141:  The long-awaited chicken coop design and the ensuing hunt for wood on the side of the road...recycling at its best!  We hit a jackpot the second time out...a community setting out the 'big pick up'- 2 x 6 pieces of wood galore.  Love has designed this coop to look like a barn...the boys job was to take out the old nails and they diligently worked, one happier than the other...but it's over halfway there...then we hit the highway to Blanco and pick up our laying hens.

#142:  Anticipation!

#143:  Sunrise greeting.

#144: Mom coming home tomorrow; great news.

#145:  Married fun.

#146: A successful skit, executed five times in one morning, despite not rehearsing much.  Many laughs and applause.

#147: An afternoon nap outside on the swing!

#148: Two Blue Jays, Grackles, Doves, a Mockingbird, two Cardinals, a WaxWing, Chickadees, as well as two Woodpeckers all in full view from my bedroom window.  That was a gift from my Daddy, for sure.

#149: a lover that knows when I need time alone and offers to take the children away so I can listen to NOTHING but the stitching of thread flowing through fabric...

#150:  the picnic bench planks coming together.  I waited over a year for this request to be finished!  A month off serves many purposes!

#151:  Friends that read my blog!

#152:  Dinner at my sister's house on a Sunday afternoon.

#153:  Veges growing!

#154: Faith: a constant, even when hormones lie and say I am a failure and don't measure up...

#155:  Wrapping up pre-marital counseling and the satisfaction that we've given our best and this couple is starting out on Solid ground and we got to be a part of that!  Only one more class...the SEX favorite subject!

#156:  Crying my eyes out after watching 'The Notebook' with Love. Tears pour from the depth of love we share, the love my parents share and how treasured I am.

#157:  Each new day I wake

#158:  good meals

#159:  thunderstorms

#160: flowers growing

#161:  time spent alone with Isaac and enjoying his personality!

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