December 8, 2009

Mom is eighty-one Today!!!

Balloons filled the hallway at 7:30 am, just waiting to surprise my mom as she trekked to the bathroom!
The boys blew up the balloons while I put the cake in the oven and then we decorated the ceiling with ribbons hanging down-an idea I got from Melissa, my creative friend in Boston, NY!
The cake caved in at the center (I never do well with making cakes for some odd reason!)
I said it was the cake that went through the valley of the shadow of death just like mom did this past year! It tasted good, just the same.
I gave my mom a gift she would never have gotten in Buffalo, NY, this time of year...a pansy!
I also colored her hair and then since there was so much color left, I colored mine with her glad the color red didn't grab my hair like it did hers. It's 'dark golden brown' and closer to my natural color (dishwater blonde mixed with way too many wiry-grey hairs coming from I-don't-know-where)!
So when I highlight it, I won't have four or five different colors on my head, just two mixed with some grey ones to make me wiser!
We took her to IHOP for dinner and she received the traditional birthday song along with a huge glass mug filled with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate...not a good combo for a diabetic, but you're only eighty-one once...and I knew she'd share it with the kids!

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday and she just told me she enjoyed it very much.
I love you, mom!
This afternoon my love went on his interview...looked so sharp I feared touching him!
Ooh, baby!


We should know about the job by the end of the week.

Life this Tuesday, the 8th of December, 2009, is good and getting better.

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melissa said...

i'll bet mom was surprised! last year for my MIL's 80th birthday, we blew up 80 balloons and put them in her bedroom. she still had 3 left this year (i have no clue why she was saving them!). and what a dapper looking husband! had he heard anything yet?

love me


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