December 7, 2009

Do We Know the Wealth of our Life?

'More?' I asked the homeless man as he stood in front of me with his bowl of Taco Pie and I offered him hot sauce. He said 'no more' but it sounded to me like he was saying more, so I kept squirting it out...then his voice rose and I understood...oops!
Yesterday's message brought home to our hearts that we are part of a bigger of community and we'd discussed going downtown with our church to serve the homeless, so we dressed warm and headed out.
It was more than eye opening; it was heart surgery for all four of us, especially one particular boy that jumped right in, offering napkins and then standing before a woman in a wheelchair that was very, shall we say, ungrateful...He offered her tea, she took it and then she threw it away. He was puzzled by this act, but continued to listen to her requests for more.
Asked what his takeaway was from the experience, his response was one of courage-when a drunk looked him right in the eye, he wanted to look away, but said he didn't. He felt courage by that.
So for the Multitude Monday list:
#101: Richness in Jesus to be so loved, approved of, accepted and blessed.
#102: Celebrating my mother's 81st birthday with her here in San Antonio, TX, tomorrow.
#103: a dryer for rainy, cold days
#104: woodpeckers on the lawn out back
#105: a phone call from a long time friend with ideas for Christmas baskets!
#106: a new job interview for my Love tomorrow
#107: the community of believers at Grace Point that love one another
#108: the power of God working in response to our cries to Him; His faithfulness.
#109: twinkling lights on our beautiful tree
#110: a bathroom off our bedroom
#111: a heating pad
#112: blueberry tea
#113: the opportunity to lead a couple in premarital counseling
#114: friend's blogs that encourage, inspire and connect me with them faraway.
#115: a warm bed at nite.
#116: joy that is strength
#117: a dad that loves to make me laugh-
"I believe we live in a clean neighborhood-I haven't seen one fly since we moved here; that other house had flies all the time; maybe it's because we live 400 ft. above sea level and flies can't breathe up this high!"
#118: more time with Jef because his job at Sea World is over and he has a month off~
#119: seeing things full, rather than empty.
#120: a book we just finished: "A Rat's Tale". Such a cute story...needs to be made into a movie!
#121: libraries all over San Antonio to peruse. I love libraries...they're free!
#122: Friendships that are deeper than the ocean.
#123: this blog to sit and write my story on
#124: the freedom to dance whenever, wherever in this large home!
#125: music-Christmas and otherwise.
Join with me as I celebrate one thousand gifts with Ann over at:
holy experience
Things are settling in and we've getting back into a routine, but that, too, will change with Love home more.
God has been faithful and I have much to rejoice in, nothing to be ungrateful for. No matter how difficult life ever gets, Jesus gave me His nature and His joy to overcome. Wow!

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Caroline said...

Daune- great things to thank God for. God is so good!!! Thanks for your comments on my blog- you have given me some ideas! I do a lot of knitting and ( when I have the time )will upload some photos of different projects/stages



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