December 10, 2009

It's a Thursday...I am thankful.

Short synopsis of December 10th for all my family up north...

We don't have snow~just cool winds blowing and sunshine drifting in and out of the clouds.

Today I began to read "Cheaper By the Dozen" to the boys along with my niece and let me tell you-it's nothing like the movies. By far, it's much more interesting and inspiring. We knocked out four chapters and the giggles were abundant. Such a cute story so far.

While sitting at the computer attempting to write an email, I heard a 'thud' coming from outside and I knew it was a result of a child falling off the trampoline. My feet hit the floor and I ran as Jef followed behind me. There, on the ground, in tears, was my niece saying she couldn't feel her legs.
(She is quite the drama queen, although with the sound of the thud, it could have been true!)
Love ordered me to pray immediately cuz my hand was on her hip and side, so after I finished, she calmed down and she really did feel her legs, so we helped her up and brought her into the house. As she sat in the chair calming down, Isaac says, "I fell too!" That kind of broke up the moment and we laughed cuz here he was standing there like nothing had happened...

Praise God, she's fine, but my heartbeat took quite a while to slow back to a normal rate!

Then the phone began to make ear-splitting sounds, then made a very loud busy signal, so I called Time Warner and they're coming Sunday afternoon to fix the problem.

Then there's the missing glasses...mine and dad's! We are beginning to think that the water bugs here are far-sighted and are stealing them.

My highlight was my nephew running to me and saying he'll miss me as they headed home.

Oh, there was the medication problem that took a while to sort out with the WalMart pharmacy, the postal prescription people and the doctor's office...whew! It would be fine if dad didn't get his emotions all in a tizzy! It always turns out fine, it's just the process that is so taxing at times. I sense I'm growing in grace!

I uploaded pix from Nov. and Dec. tonite. As I reflected on all the changes we've walked through in the last two months, I am amazed. Things are finally settling down and almost all the boxes are unpacked, pictures on the walls and decorations throughout. We've even planned a 70's polyester themed New Year's Eve party. That ought to be an interesting night.

Thought I'd include a collage of my dad...enjoy! He's a trip.

Just looking at these makes me laugh and rejoice at the chance to spend every day of the rest of his life with him and mom...I'll post a collage of her soon, too!
Have a great weekend, in case I fail to get the chance to post...and, oh, would you drop me a comment? It would be nice to connect with all those readers out there that peruse but don't post...


melissa said...

hello my friend! we have our share of snow after yesterday! not sure if there's more on the way. glad to hear everyone is adapting to the changes at your house. my mom was recently diagnosed with COPD (chronic ? pulominary disease- i can't remember the middle word) after a recent bout with pneumonia. that sort of thing does make one realize they won't be around forever. i'll have to check out that book - we watched the original movie which was good. have a good weekend!

love me :)

37stories said...

I like the collage of your dad. What software do you use to create it?

Is the new year's party firmed up at your house? Might be fun... Maybe drop Cora an email with the info, if so.

God bless. archie

Caroline said...

Daune- love this post, which resonates with me- the resounding thud of a child falling off a trampoline! Very scary, and has happened here on several occasions, thankfully only one trampoline injury as a result of a tumble on the tarpaulin and not from a fall!

Love the collage of your dad.

Weather forecast here is snow! It has gone very cold.

Have a great weekend

God bless you and yours



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