November 15, 2009

The Fullness of His Grace!

Nov. beauty!

The fullness of His grace-experiencing things that one does not deserve or living in Light that He shines down just for one who is only worthy because of His amazing Love and power!


Sometimes, friendship mysteriously occurs by an event or perhaps an obstacle gets in one's way. So often, we miss the blessings in these times-we wrestle with the difficulty, but then His Love shows up and leads down a road that might end as it did today, on a magnificent farm with a beautiful family.
That's what happened...we had a need-a home.
She had that home!~
It had EVERYTHING I'd prayed for...a chicken coop, fruit trees, it was out of the city, had a four car garage, and the list went on and on...
But, hence, it wasn't the home for us. It would have been thirty nine miles to see my sister...too far.
Plus, my Love said no and so I let it go, cried and moved on, reminding myself that He gives me the desires of my heart as I delight in Him.

But, that day, I met Amy.
A homeschool mom I instantly connected with.
We continued to write and today we took my parents out to her farm for a visit.
We felt very honored by her generosity and hospitality...she and her son cleared a path for my dad to fish in their pond, despite the busyness of her life.
My mom kept asking me how I knew Amy, to which I said we were sisters in Jesus and that I'd only met once...that amazed them.
Amy isn't living the conventional life, as most would call it. She has a desire to live off the land, squeezing the most from every opportunity she finds herself in.


I am in awe of the strength of God flowing through her and her commitment to Him to see His purposes fulfilled in her life.
Since she has already posted about her home, I believe it would be OK to link to her blog! Check it out.

A few of the chickens...
The chickens...

Thank you, Amy, for being yourself. It was so refreshing and I needed to just 'be' with you today. You are a gift and a treasure.


On a marvelous side note...
We found out yesterday that we were 'selected' over two other people shown another house and we move in two weeks. This home is huge, with three full bathrooms, four bedrooms, a game/family room, a ginormous yard, ceramic tiles in the family room and kitchen-which is a wonderful size compared to the one here-and hardwood floors throughout, lots of closet space, and only a little over two miles to mom's dialysis clinic and dad's VA clinic!
God is sooooooo good. It's closer to Love's work, church, and the neighborhood pool...
...and Oh, it's in a neighborhood, not a mouse maze subdivision...
(have I mentioned that I abhor those things, despite the fact that my sister is living in one?). Hers, fortunately, is right at the beginning of one, so I won't get sucked in and struggle to find my way out! Thank God!
These next two weeks are gearing up and a new season is ahead for our family.
I forgot to mention that my dear friend, Diane, said goodbye to her dad as he passed away on Friday. He was born on a Friday, the thirteenth and went home on the thirteenth~
Our God is in the details.
Our life is but a breath, so live breathing Him in and you'll find that you take deeper breaths!
I took these pictures today at Red Rock Farm!

Nov.15th 015

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