November 5, 2009

Seeds sown daily...inevitable harvest!

What is life but daily seeds one sows and then waits to see what comes up...

Life and seeds

Besides my mother getting a surgical procedure today at 7 a.m., my sister and her family coming for dinner, the Time Warner cable guys showing up to connect us to a landline as dinner began, a home health nurse showing up right as dinner ended, we left a house full of people to head to church so I could rehearse for Sunday's service...I'm reciting those verses I shared a week or so ago...Eph. 2:1-10. Three services...please pray that I am able to connect with these truths and touch the hearts of those who come to church that day...over a thousand!

I haven't written anything in eight days, as Rosa reminded me tonite, because I've been house hunting
house hunting.
(among other things)
...and that means sitting at a computer on Google surfing the net as well as the newspaper and just plain old driving's too tiring. If the house is nice, the price is high...if the house is big and rent lower, the neighborhood is less than desirable. Or the desire to leave the city, drive to the country and never see my sister again~*sigh*

Last Friday nite we celebrated my dad's 74th birthday...Wow, what a day!
He wanted to eat MexicanThis is gonna be sooo good!
and enjoyed it but boy, did he butcher the menu in his Buffalonian accent...has no idea how to pronounce the j's, etc! We laughed a lot!

On top of all that, I've been having hot flashes, night sweats, and loss of sleep due to the changes going on inside of me~!

Another deep sigh...

Holy Yoga helps, but I didn't get there yesterday due to hunting in Kirby for a home...cute town with some normal neighborhoods, not rat mazes, oh, excuse me, Subdivisions...

If you live in one of them and like it, God bless you! I abhor them, mostly because there is no 'flavor', just boring box houses with cookie cutter front yards and sqooshy backyards. When we drove through my sister's new 'neighborhood', I felt like I was beginning to turn blue from the lack of oxygen in my lungs. I have to say, though, she got a house with fields behind them that probably won't be developed because of power I can look out and see land, trees, miles of beauty. Did God do that for me??? I doubt it, but I am so grateful, because I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time there.

My sister and her hubby kinda closed on their home today...waiting on the seller's to sign and the monies to go through the bank...probably by Sat. we'll be over helping out...
If we don't find a home soon, I'm going to paint the dining room, dig up the yard and plant a garden with my daddy.

Life with Don Bell:
...came home yesterday to find that he'd painted the back porch trim with paint he bought...a few days before that, he put up screening in that porch so flies won't come in. He fixed the knob on the bathroom closet and made me laundry poles with pieces of wood he found in Love's shop! It's like having a repairman living with you...and wanting to work for free! It's wonderful.
Today, he treated us to Wendy's...we never eat there and I was hungry and the hamburger(s) I ate did not agree with my stomach! But the boys loved it.

Oh, I took the boys to the dentist on Monday and they have no cavities! Thank you, Jesus.

Life with Kathy Bell:
Pills, pills, takes me roughly fifteen minutes to put all her pills in the weekly holder! I go back and check, recheck, and then check one more time so as not to kill my mother!!! The first couple of times, the nasty hot flashes were terrible because of the weight of not knowing what each med was for, uncertainty about which little cubby to put which pill in, or one or another parent talking to me--ooh worse--them arguing with each other while I'm working...I actually had to apologize the second time I attempted the terrifying feat because I raised my voice to my mom-she was wanting to talk about another pill at a moment of stress! I broke down crying and told her I felt seriously responsible and her talking made me afraid I would make a mistake...the next morning, The Precious Holy Spirit of God revealed the root of the fear and then I was able to let it go! But now I do the meds at night when no one can talk to me or interrupt!

*Purposeful Sigh *

Then there's been the almost daily trips to doctors, clinics, and attempting to not be the "Sugar police"
(...I understand WHY she has diabetes)...
(Note to self: lesson learned-do not repeat for future reference in my own life!)
"But isn't diabetic chocolate ok, Lord?" 'Yes, but cherry pie, apple turnovers that only cost $1.38 at Walmart on the clearance rack only contribute to this stronghold of the sugar demons.'

What is a daughter to do?

Honor and serve...respect, honor, gently remind that she is eighty and if that's what she wants to do with her life, the last remaining time, that's her choice. I will not be held responsible for her choices...she knows what's good for her and what isn't..."

But Jesus, this is so hard. Help me, please. I need Your thoughts on these issues...

This is a season of intense training of learning to listen, practice His presence, pray about EVERYTHING~

I heard about the shootings at Ft. Hood and how my heart goes out to the families of those who are suffering right now. Please agree with me for God's grace to be poured out and for His power to be demonstrated through this tragedy.

Homeschooling has been just a little bit interesting...lots of videos, sitting in waiting rooms, etc.reading while waiting in lab! God is still teaching them, me and this is is messy. I wouldn't have it any other way, honestly, despite the days when they tell me I need chocolate and I'm losing it!

Well, oh, I forgot...a sister in Jesus that had a home we looked at in Lytle wrote me today and asked if I'd be interested in selling my aprons in a new shop she's opening in the town of Natalia!!! She saw my website, not sure which one of the many! I couldn't be more thrilled!!!
They've invited us to their home for a cookout and fishing for dad! He'll absolutely love it...I'll probably take some of my stuff then to show her.

Yeehaw, the country! Room to breathe, relax and listen to silence...

Well, if you don't hear from me again for a while, please pray for me about Sunday and for the continued drawing of my parents to the Father's heart...

Did I say that dad went to church two weeks ago and wept the entire time? Heavenly!


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Caroline said...

Hi Daune- oh I so wish I could interview you for my study!

Thanks for your comment. Fireworks celebrations happen here on Nov 5th- Guy Fawkes night. Although we seem to have firework displays every night for the week beforehand.

Loved your post and hearing about your life in the 'sandwich generation'. How I admire what you are doing. Life is so short and whilst it may seem like hard work at times not only are you honouring your parents but you are also creating memories for you and your family- particularly your sons who will see real love in action.

You never know- we may have that coffee together one day before we meet in heaven!

God bless



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