November 16, 2009

Multitude Monday...

holy experience

Second day of this week, one week shy of Thanksgiving- the day Americans pause and reflect on their blessings or a day some people prepare their plan for Black Friday, the buying frenzy of the Christmas holidays.

On this Monday, I reflect early (usually I don't get to this until late at nite!) on my treasures, my blessings.

#45-Caleb dressed for 'Wear your clothes backwards day' answer to my prayer about what to do to make life and school more fun...

Oct. 018

#46-Texas Longhorns-these beasts demonstrate that my Father Creator takes pleasure in designing creatures that display His majesty!Nov.15th 023

#47-a picture taken in faith that this would be our home! Without faith it is impossible to please God. My heart yearns to please my Father.Bandera 018

#48.-Confidence in Psalm 104:19 - You made the moon to mark the seasons and the sun that knows when to set.

Bandera 056

#49-a growing boy that loves to cook and frequently desires to make soup, cookies and anything else that he can get his hands messy with!

#50-heavy boxes that I didn't have to search for. Daddy timed my sister coming and her move to her new home perfectly.

#51-my Love's commitment to his family and to his God.

#52-being asked to head up the drama ministry with the youth at our church, especially knowing that I don't have to act, just lead the kids to do it!

#53-Just beginning to understand what Grace is.

#54-Road trips to the country.

Bandera 075

#55-A second car now that my folk's are here.

#56-Being celebrated as a new member of Grace Point Church.

#57-Last, but definitely not least is the gift of my mother-in-law! She is celebrating a birthday today and I most grateful that God made her and that she is MY mother-in-law and sister in Jesus. I love you, mom! Happy Birthday!

Some flowers for you!

This past week held many challenging as well as exciting changes. For each of these, too numerous to mention, I am thankful.

Amy writes for In Courage and they're having a giveaway. If you'd like to post and link to her site, you'll be entered for the drawing of a beautiful set of hurricanes, just in time for Thanksgiving. What a gift.

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Heather of S-A-M said...

Love the List!

Happy Gratitude Scribblings!


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