November 30, 2009

Another Day of Mondays...

holy experience

Seems like I get to Monday and then realize I've missed another week...
As this particular Monday ends, I am mindful that I am so blessed, loved and valued.
Adding to the seventy-five notes of gratitude, I reflect on:

#76: A great group of helpers that sacrificed Saturday morning slumber to come and offer their strength and legs to pack up the UHaul truck we rented to move! They were all amazing: Archie, Amy, Rick, Josh, Dan, Jacob, Emily, Karyn, my dad, Scott, Anna, Zach, Isaac, Caleb, of course my Love, and even my most wonderful nephew, Joseph! You guys are the greatest. Of course, mom did what she could...yesterday she decided to break down boxes and today is paying for it with sore muscles she didn't know she still had functioning...I had to remind her she is eighty, not eighteen!

#77: Sitting in my new yard as the sun rose with Jesus and His presence so near that the only way to respond was in tears of joy. My heart was overwhelmed...

#78: ...then to hear the sound of a rooster in the distance. A reminder that He knows what's in my heart...

#79: Someone on Craigslist coming over to take all the empty boxes piled high on the carport for a church youth function! We both were blessed.

#80: Stopping at the thrift store to give away things that I really didn't need to keep, we had a boy come to the car and ask if his mother could have our 'stuff'. Timing is everything...the mom didn't speak English, so the lad had to interpret for us! How many people are out there and need what we have to offer...

#81: Watching how His Word is washing my thinking as I listen morning and as I fall asleep...I am really comprehending whose I am and how I need to look at this's a breath...every moment counts.

#82: Highlights at supper time...listening to everyone share what mattered most to them during their day.

#83: Fresh laundry off the line.

#84: Internet connection!

#85: Central heat!

#86: Three very large picture windows to look out of while I eat breakfast.

#87: My love's 'vacation' from Sea World beginning next week for an entire month...God has good things in store for us, I just know it.

#88: Finding a missing phone so my father could calm down. "I know it's in one of these boxes, dad...we will find it, just be patient."

#89: Being completely finished with the old house, including the garage- and all the fence planks we needed to move. Bye bye house...

#90: A little boy's heart and godly tears of sorrow over sin in his heart.

#91: No glitches with any part of the move here. Everything fell into place and I saw the evidence of faith lived out in love.

#92: My son, Dan, when asked at Thanksgiving what he was most thankful, commentingthat it was me! Him saying I was a genius and didn't even know it by how I raised him...(really it was God's grace on him and me!)

#93: A wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister's home, especially getting to nap on her couch.

#94: The Spirit of God in me as He is teaching me how to live and see beyond what my eyes behold.

#95: His power in me as I am confronted with the flaws in my flesh/soul and His ability to turn my heart to Truth and honestly look at how He wants me to change and then His work in me TO turn and repent and continue in the Light so I can have fellowship with my Love and those I live with!

#96: Knowing the secret: Wanna know it? It's Jesus in me, the Hope of Glory...I love secrets.

#97: Still being in love after twenty-seven yrs.

#98: Laughter.

#99: Clean sheets.

#100: Sex! Only God could have created something so vulnerable, so transparent and so stress relieving. Christmas throughout the year.

#101: I am most grateful for His grace towards me.

Been a hectic, action-packed and magnificent week. Perhaps I'll post pictures when I get a free minute. Ha!

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