November 23, 2009

Multitude Monday...

holy experience
#58: Warm weather to set the stage for a great move!
#59: A long time friend miles away, but near to my heart, that reminded me that I need to write the way I need to be eloquent~just be me...
#60: The favor of God on our life.
#61: Library books and taking my father to the library for the first time since 1950, when he won a ribbon in the city of Buffalo for putting on a puppet show for children with his friend.
(61b: Learning something about my dad I never knew...)
#62: Clear nites when the moon sings His praises.
#63: Laughter.
64: Strong boys that love to climb.
#65: A cubby up high in the pantry that makes for a quiet place to read and write.
66: A new landlord that is only charging $25 for the water bill in exchange for maintaining the landscaping!
67: A house phone.
68: Central air conditioning and heating...this will be wonderful.
69: Celebrating Thanksgiving at my sisters!
70: Perfume to make me feel pretty, for no particular reason.
71: My mother desiring to help tomorrow at the new house. Not sure what that will be, but I'm sure there has to be SOMETHING she can do!
#72: A nearby park to take bike rides to.
73: Quiet...when everyone is tucked in and I sit alone listening to NOTHING!
74: One last time at Sea World...
with my sister and her family. The park was unusually empty and the weather was perfect.
#75: Lying next to Love after we've shared our hearts and listening to his heartbeat. Nothing 'beats' that!
It's been a great week. My heart is overwhelmed, at times, for His many blessings to me.
love my life.


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

I enjoy seeing what gratitude looks like in your life. Thanks for sharing. You're a blessing.

37stories said...

What!? You ran out of steam at #75? Still 25 to go.... :0


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