December 1, 2009


I slept in for the first time in a while and I confronted feelings of guilt. I am fully aware, though, where guilt comes from, so I just shrugged it off and continued on with the day.
There were several moments during this particular day where I sensed frustration building...boxes everywhere, 'schoolin' needing some individual attention, boxes screaming at me to unpack...(my own clothes are still packed!), dodging and weaving over a dozen or so 'book' boxes to get from one end of the family room to the other, and then planning on what to have for dinner...
Mom solved that challenge by offering to make a Polish dish I grew up eating...Gooumpkey. I am positive I'm not spelling that correctly...(even spell check couldn't help me there!), so if you know Polish, please email me the correct way to write that word out...
It's a dish with cabbage stuffed with hamburger and rice...
mmm, delicious.
I called twice-once last week and this week, for the garbage men to come and pick up the former tenant's 'stuff' and they said if it was in bags, they'd pick up tomorrow, up to fifty when we finished dinner and I came back from the laundry mat with two loads I couldn't hang, Love and I headed out to the side of the house. We had about ten bags to take out front when we discovered that a dog, I'm sure, or perhaps a raccoon, had shredded one of the bags and enjoyed belated Thanksgiving leftovers all to himself.
While at the laundry mat, I have the memory of watching our President share his 'plan' for Afghanistan and our nation...funny how he sounded so much like George Bush and protecting our freedom from terrorists, which George Bush got criticized for. Enough said.
Oh, tomorrow is that motivational speaker conference I really wanted to go to, but am not. That's ok...Jesus is best motivator anyway and I'm finding that as I listen to the MP3 Bible stick, I am getting a good washing of Truth and things are changing in my life for the better. Besides, I can always get a book if He tells me to!
My love has a job interview next Tues., my mom's 81st birthday. This, too, is interesting to me.
A recruiter called him...that's never happened before. Proverbs says that a man's gift makes room for him and brings him before kings. My Love is faithful and committed, so it shouldn't surprise me when he is exalted...I'll keep you posted.
It's been so wonderful to sit down every nite, all six of us, and eat dinner together and then share our individual highlights. Dad's highlight today was finding a new grocery store/meat market called "Culebra Meat Market"...he came back so excited because they actually cut his bacon for him! And he said the hamburger was so red! The simple pleasures...
Mom is feeling better today after working too hard on breaking down boxes on Sunday...I've named her my box-breakin' mom~
I sat with Isaac this morning and we worked on long division because I realized that I hadn't really worked on that with him...he understood short division so I just assumed he 'got it'! Wrong!
My mom is biting at the bit to make Christmas cookies and Isaac said at dinner, "you know what I want? I want a kitchen where I can experiment with cooking..." I reassured both of them that once I was done unpacking and things were in their place that we would begin the 'holiday' baking.
I felt their sighs.
The temps have dropped here and it actually feels like November in Buffalo...
Did my parents bring winter here?
Speaking of Buffalo weather, here is our granddaughter on her baby sister's first birthday-

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37stories said...

Enjoyed the read. Like the snowman! Hoping for one here, tomorrow!


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