October 22, 2009

I'm gonna write a book...

The title is gonna be, "What To Do with Aging Parents that don't Fight Fair"...
Or maybe, "How to Learn the Ungraceful Art of Strife from watching Your Parents Argue"
-or maybe this one...
"The Man Who Spends Hours In Search Of Something He Misplaced".
I believe that surely someone would be interested in buying a copy, if for no other reason than to laugh...cuz that's what one has to do in the midst of one seemingly major crisis after another!

Life happens and time slips away when you're in search of a pill box, sitting in a Dr's. office for two hours waiting for the vascular surgeon to show up and in the midst of these times, I am also in search of the humor, the memories I might keep, or the peace that has somehow wandered away, as well...WHERE IS IT, I KNOW IT WAS JUST HERE? I MUST HAVE LAID IT DOWN AND WHEN I TURNED AROUND, IT DISAPPEARED.

Oh, there You are, waiting for me, holding a big sign that reads, "Peace-just drop to your knees, look up to the sky and trust, listen and know that I am here, I am God."

Oh, yeah. 'I knew it was here somewhere...'
Let's tie this thing called peace around my neck, real tight, and then hang on to it as the minutes fly. Let's live life to the fullest in this moment rather than just trying to stay alive!

After one week, I have learned many things about myself from watching my parents. God definitely has a sense of humor.

How I praise Him for loving me this much.


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