August 14, 2009

The Ending or beginning of the week...

Not sure whether this is the end of the week, or the beginning. My love goes back to work tomorrow and so the 'weekend' together is over, but it's Saturday and the routine changes on that day, as well!
It's been such a productive day...walking the Daizee at 7:30 am, before it heats up...we've been having triple digit days for so long, I've stopped counting~
Then off to the downtown library, a candy store for your intellect. If you ever get a chance to visit San Antonio, be sure that while you're visiting the Alamo, you make a long pit stop at this amazing library! You won't be disappointed. I think I left there with over twelve books on various topics of interest. Jef had only been once, and was so absorbed, I wondered if we'd ever leave.
This is a view from the sixth floor window. There are a lot of highways here, but it still has the feel of a small city! I love how one can see for miles!

...Then off to New Braunfels. Quaint little town with shops along the main street; lots of boutiques, antique stores, restaurants and just a great place to visit...and, oh, there was a 'Water 2 Wine' business and so we had to stop. Would you believe the owner lived in Williamsville, NY, for two years and the man that introduced him to his wife was from N. Tonawanda! What a small world. But after a blizzard winter, then on to Chicago for a winter that produced a wind chill of -85 below zero, they headed back to Texas...who blames them!
So we visited with this man, so friendly,we all learned about making wine, Jef tried a couple of samples but I said, 'no thanks'. But Love wanted me to take 'just a sip', which I did, but didn't like. So this gentleman offered me a sweet wine...I crumbled, had a sample and immediately was woozey! I have no tolerance for alcohol, whatsoever! We bought a bottle to support his business, then chatted more and he offered to let Love hang his artwork in the store without receiving a commission! How cool, eh?
After there, we went to Gruene. I really like the shops in that town. Tomorrow is their 'Market Days'. Vendors have to be juryed in to set up a tent! Talk about tough competition! I am believing that when we submit our work in January, we, too, will be accepted and able to have a booth! I have no doubts, actually.

On our way to Gruene, we stopped at the Guadaloupe river and the boys took a toes were so refreshed and my camera was ready for some action!
This is the latest fun thing for them...seeing who can stay under longer and walk farther!
(Josh says these kinds of rivers look like they're filled with antifreeze! They really are that green, yet you can see the bottom at the shore.)
I will never tire of these amazing trees and their roots. I envision my life being rooted in Jesus Christ just as these roots find their nourishment from the river.
He is my River of Life!
The most exciting events for me today were giving away a bunch of my business cards as well as meeting many new people and making connections, AND selling three of my aprons in five minutes! It was so fun to hear people's comments...'oh, that is so cute' and 'I want to buy this one, how much is it?'
One woman wants me to make 'bibs' for a nursing home she does marketing for~! SO, I have much to do.
Have a great weekend and drop me a line to say hello!

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melissa said...

what a great way to the spend the day! that's where my boys would the river :)


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