August 17, 2009

holy experience

A decade plus one ago, enroute to the hospital, breathing heavily and drugged for pain, history is about to be made and there's no turning back.

After three ER visits and, 'You can go home, it's not time yet', I scold, 'I'm NOT going to the hospital again and coming home empty-handed .'

Tests confirm lungs are fully developed at 37 weeks to breathe earth's time to get the ball rolling, 'although one might need to be taken cesarian.'

We pray and believe.

Meds begin, time ticks away, yet the process only slows down. So, they stop the meds...

My doc has decided to head home and gets a call driving down the highway...

"I feel something...check me NOW!"

Nurse hollers, "Baby's head is crowning...!!!

Helter skelter-people begin coming out of nowhere and running everywhere...

Where's the doctor?

"Hurry, get your gown on sir and meet us in the operating room," nurse informs my love.
They bang the gurney into the door in the rush, me laughing and chewing gum and so ready to birth! Then swept into this cold, sterile room. Lifted onto a cold table, legs into stirrups-I abhor those things-this isn't how I imagined it would be. Shivering, they cover me in blankets.

Two sets of nurses for little ones, nurses for me, lights are so bright-you'd think this was a baseball diamond at night!

Resident doctor is in the bathroom! Surprised and shocked by the sudden turn of events, he makes it in time for 'Baby A' to slide into home plate!

Our only daughter is more than sad that she went to her aunt's at hospital's suggestion-

'It'll be a while'

and then missed this moment.

I grieve for her.

I really wanted her with us.

Sister happened to come back to the hospital, just in case!

Captures this moment on video, despite scrubs blocking lens.

Baby 'B' then has room to flip; takes his time to make an appearance that isn't quickly forgotten

He has to be suctioned from my body after twenty-one minutes of pushing and isn't breathing when he makes his entrance!

"You have to turn that camera off," nurse orders!

We all hold our breath, while doctors talk me through the next birth-the placenta- to take my attention off the obvious.

Finally, a nice loud cry and the camera goes back on!

They hand me two sets of footprints while daddy is given his sons...

Isaac Jeffrey Smith,

Caleb Preston Smith.

It's as though it happened yesterday.

My mind has stood still for eleven years and yet somehow everything has sped away as the speed of light.

This one gift:

No. 15: A possible glimpse into what a day 'being like a thousand years and a thousand years being like a day' must be like.

That day is etched on my heart as the day we were given two gifts we did not deserve.

Happy Birthday, boys.

You are so loved.


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Simply beautiful.

(Is that a Jesus Died For Pedro shirt?) ... :-)

Daune said...

Yes, Jennifer, that is a 'Jesus died for Pedro' shirt!!! One of his favorites.
We love that goofy movie!
Today was their birthday and it was so fun to reminisce (sp)...time is a blink...

melissa said...

i can't believe how big they're getting! and, of course, they are the ones getting older. it's not us :)

Caroline said...

Oh Daune, how I love this post! My daughter was also eleven this year- in June. I love the way you have told the story using photographs as well. Your boys are gorgeous.

Daune said...

So good to talk! You are absolutely right...we are NOT getting older!

How neat we both have eleven yr. olds! But the changes you go through will be sooner with hormones, etc!!! I somehow have to keep my energy up for these two!


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