June 13, 2009

Prayer for my Nephew...

My wonderful brother sent me a note:
"We go back on the 15th we are bringing 35 photos blown up to 28x21 inches and giving our public defender the tools to defeat this serpent under our feet."

So, I mention this in order that you would have everyone you know pray. They will pick a jury and would you agree with me for God's hand-picked jurors to serve that day. Also, that my nephew will rest in His peace and strength and not f.e.a.r.-false evidence appearing real.
May God have His day in court and may my brother and sister in law experience His power flowing through them.

On an extremely sad note, my newest grandbaby went home very early. We grieve over this loss, but are confident that nothing escapes Daddy's eyes and He remains faithful.
This, I admit, has been a toughy for me. I had just read that morning that worship and praise need to be the mainstay of our life, when things are good, when they aren't, because circumstances change, but He does not.
I will praise Him despite my grief.

That's basically why I've been so quiet all week.

1 comment:

jené said...

I continue to add my prayers to yours for your nephew. I pray both you and he are comforted by the peace and love found in the embracing arms of our Lord.

I am so very sorry to hear of your loss but so glad you know of the certainty that is beyond hope of your wee one's presence with our Father.

Continuing to pray,



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