June 22, 2009

What a Summer So Far!

Summer has arrived and yet it's been 'summer' here for over three months already!
We've had temps over 100 for atleast a week; the lows have been in the mid 70's, so any outside work has to be done then...
Last week the boys and I did a lot of biking, visited a local park and they swam and I burned calories! Clothes are fitting better! Yippee.
Love and I stopped at Half-Price Books and picked up a book, 'Intimate Issues' and let me tell you, it's what I've been praying for...dealing with my thoughts, attitudes and issues with sex. Don't get me wrong...I love being intimate with my great lover, I've just been praying about certain thoughts that hinder me and the stage of marriage we're at and the physical/physiological issues of my health, etc...(tmi, right?)
I am sooooo grateful we found it and the coolest thing was that it only cost $3! This discreetly written book addresses issues that women deal with and give Biblical truths that will change one's life, IF one is willing to pull the weeds that may be seeded deep in one's soul. I'm likin' it, and I would encourage every woman to read this book, even if you have a great sex life!

We finally took the plunge--we bought a pool...not an in ground one, mind you, but a bubble one! What a gift for Father's day to the whole family!
We started putting it up Sat. afternoon and didn't finally get it filled until Sunday afternoon! But it was well worth the time. The boys, at 9:42 a.m., are still asleep...(reading this over, it's 10 am and they're still asleep!!!)
I so needed something, anything to wear out their energy! I just couldn't seem to give twin ten yr. olds enough activities to tire them out-(They had no trouble wearing me out, tho!)...until now!

Father's day was magnificent....we were awakened with a booming, "Happy Father's Day' and two little boys dressed in their baker's aprons carrying a table leaf laden with two plates. They made scrambled eggs and toasted bagels and made sandwiches for us! We agreed that these are the days! And that we like this tradition!!! DSC08259
Then the older boys came and Dan cooked on the grill...Jef had marinated steak meat in fajita seasoning all nite and that was delicious!
Everyone swam, I took pix, then it was mom's turn to just lay on an air mattress and relax!
They ended the day by going to see 'Up' and mom rested at home...earlier in the day, I was carrying my coffee and a table cloth out to the yard, and turned my ankle in a small hole and fell...so it was pretty sore, but I am thankful it didn't break and it did not even swell!!! Thank you, Jesus. Besides, I didn't want to infringe on 'daddy time'! Of course, they had to finish off a perfect day with ice cream...now I'm glad I didn't go...that is one of my weaknesses!!!

Oh, I forgot...I painted my kitchen last week, too!!! Been such a busy week. I'd been talking about painting for a year and when I found oops paint for $5 a gallon, despite the splash of color I wouldn't necessarily have chosen, I couldn't resist...total cost of painting...$35! Just gotta keep your eyes open for deals...I love sunflowers and my daughter told me I'm determined to have a sunflower kitchen everywhere I go...! Yup!

Have a great week!


Caroline said...

What a great Father's Day you had! Love the photos as well. It is hot over here as well-for England! Don't you just love the summer?!!!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Yes, I do...but here in SA, the summer lasts from Feb. to Dec!!! Remember we grilled on Christmas!
Do you have the humidity there? I hate humidity! It can get humid here, but generally it's not bad.

jené said...

Love the color splash and the splash in the water! Totally understand the long summer from here in Houston!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Yup, you do, don't you!~ Except doesn't Houston have the humidity?

Ashley said...

I love your happy kitchen! Thanks for coming up yesterday - it was great to see all of you :) Love you!


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