June 9, 2009

Back to Boerne!

Last nite I asked Love if we could go on a date...
On such short notice, it became a 'family date'!
We wound up in Boerne, Tx.
It's a beautiful little town I'd love to live in!
Sunset at Cibilo Creek, Boerne, TX
There's a creek that runs through the town, so we stopped and found the ducks wagging their feathers for us to get out of the van, hoping for some bread!
feeding the ducks
Some friendly people offered us some of their bread. There are definitely friendly people here!
Then we met up with some kids fishing and they had a teeny tiny turtle and as we walked away they offerd it to the boys.
They gladly took it but as we walked along, they agreed that little 'Boerne' deserved to stay in the creek with his family and friends. 'He'd be happier there, mom.'
I was very proud of that decision, although I love turtles and would have enjoyed having it around. So we set him free and boy, did he run for the water.

setting 'Boerne' free

We ended our adventure at McD's.




Driving to Boerne was like taking a deep breath of fresh air as well as drinking in the beauty of His handiwork, displayed so elegantly through His creation and the love of family.

Life is good, yet our God is greater than good, He's exquisite!


jené said...

I love that town, often when making the long trip to see my family in West Texas, I will stop there to break the trip up. Walking along the riverbank is a great place to settle and find peace.

Freedom in the Dance said...

Wow, to think you know the place I speak of! That's cool. There was a really neat looking shop called 'ewe and eye' and it was filled with crafty stuff, yarn, thread, etc...there was this awesome needle that opened the door...I'll send you a pix of it...
When is your next trip past there? I'd love to meet for coffee of some visit!


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