June 6, 2009

My Athletic Nephew

Well, the time has finally come for my sister's family to experience the fruit of all their hard work in supporting their son's desire to play hockey...this guy's been playing since he was three- (maybe two), I think! I know old enough to stand up with all the equipment on and hold a hockey stick on ice and then move like lightning!
T.D. Wachowski, (click on your name here, too!) misspelled Tiwalhowski-#20, is now playing for a Canadian junior hockey league team!!! And he got his driver's license to boot just so he can drive himself across the border to practices and games!!!
I'm such a proud aunt and so excited for my sister and brother-in-law, Tim, for their devotion, love, time, money and commitment to sell chocolate (among other things for years to pay for all it takes to do this!) and only God knows all that they did for that boy...and now, it's finally paying off!!!
Congrats, T.D., (click on your name to go to an article about you!), despite the misspelling of your name on your jersey...I empathize with that since my name has always been spelled wrong, said wrong and yet, look at me now...using it in the title of my business...D.A.U.N.E.-Daring, authentic, unique, needledom expressions!
God bless you as you pursue your heart's desire and may He use this in your life to draw you near His heart.
I love you.
If your mom sends me a pix, I'll post it for all the world to see my famous nephew!!!

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