April 25, 2009

"Rob and Judy"..."Check Mates"...

Love and I are in a skit tomorrow!!! I'm playing "Judy", a credit cardaholic (the skit's about this couple trying tobalance their checkbook) ...please pray for the three services we're doing this for...My love has had a full week and I have, too! So, the anointing will kick in, I'm sure...it's for His glory anyways.
Then on Monday, I pack and the plane takes off with us on it Tues. morning at 6:58 a.m.!
My birthday was great...so much fun to be with family and friends and to be celebrated~
Anywho, life is full, God is faithful and His power flows through this 'cracked pot'~!
Oh, one more thing...I connected with someone on Craigslist for an ironing board and it turned out that this guy is moving to L.A. and needed to get rid of stuff...well, we left his house with our van full of goodies...wicker chairs, ceramic flower pots, pyrex dishes, corningware, bundt pans, seven glass pie plates, paint, spices out the wazoo, and bone china! And he said we could come back for a second trip...our big boys are finally gonna have some stuff for cooking!~
I am so grateful...the little boys weren't so thrilled to wait for the loading up and the unloading, but they survived!
Great weekend...I have to get back to rehearsing...I've been dreaming about the lines...ahhhhh~!


A.D said...

Dear fellow mom,

My name is Ana and I recently created a blog for missionary and everyday moms called EVERYDAY M.MOMS, I would appreciate if you could come and visit us sometime.

Here's our link http://everydaymmoms.blogspot.com/

Happy weekend,


Caroline said...

Hey Daune- Hope your skit went well. My book arrived today from Amazon- off to bed to read it now! Looks great. Think I will get the five dysfunctions of a team for Graham


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