April 20, 2009


You just never know what you might find around here when you open a door, or the freezer.
Yesterday, I opened the freezer to get an ice cube and discovered a tin we use to store pencils in...hmmm...
Since there was no one to ask what happened, (Love had taken the boys out to help their older brothers move band equipment), I proceeded to see what could possibly be inside...lo and behold,

BOY PLAY... "What's this?"
18-20th 053

"Mam, could you please help me...your boys are at it again!"
Nope, sorry, sir, you're on your own... (little did I know that before this guy froze too much last nite, they thawed him out and switched guys!)
18-20th 048
"Help, I can't breathe...!" Just hang in there...it won't be long...
18-20th 064
"This is soooo uncomfortable!"
18-20th 065
"Doesn't anyone care?" Yes, and help is on the way...
18-20th 068
"I can't feel my legs..."
18-20th 072
"Ahhhh...freedom." "Thanks, guys!!!" You're welcome, sir.
18-20th 073
Sir, would you like a strawberry? "No, mam, but thanks anyways! I've got to get back to work...boy play is a tough job, ya know!"
18-20th 075
Mmm, mmm, good ice! Well worth the experiment in cryogenics...
18-20th 076
My life as a 'homes cool' mom!
Have a great week...and remember, Friday is a national holiday due to my 47th birthday! Enjoy yourself...on me!~


melissa said...

that is too funny - ahhh, life with boys :)

Freedom in the Dance said...

You know it, girl...what kinds of things do you find in your freezer? No icicles, tho! You just go outside and there they are ;O)
Love you, dear!!!

Caroline said...

Very funny Daune!! Love the photos as well.
Is the 27th a global holiday, or just a national one?!!
Have a great Birthday. 1962 was certainly a good year.

Thanks for the book recommendation. I haven't heard of that one before, but will definitely look out for it.

I really enjoyed your sermon. It's funny as my bible notes have been about putting new wine in new wineskins as well. Thanks for your encouragement. It is greatly appreciated

Freedom in the Dance said...

I meant that the 24th, not the 27th is the 'national' holiday...but that's cuz that is my day...not sure if the 27th is a holiday, unless it's 'earth' day...
Thanks for the birthday wish...
My friend gave me vintage patterns from the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's! There are hundreds of dollars worth there...! I am in awe of God...but I think I'm gonna frame the envelopes and then make copies of the patterns and keep the original in plastic bags!
...and it's not even my birthday yet!

Lori said...

Kids will be kids and what wonderfully creative imaginations they have. At least, they tried it on a plastic figure and not each other:)
Have a great birthday!


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