May 7, 2009

A Photo Contest...

12-17-07 19234

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Caroline said...

Hi Daune,

Thanks for your comments. Glad you had a good break and that the skit went well. The next one sounds great as well.
The book was very good and it is just putting it into practice now. Graham and I need to sit down and decide what our rallying call and objectives are, although I think I already know. It is amazing how frantic life can get and I am guilty of taking on too much. However, I am learning, and certainly over the last 6 months we have been cutting back on the socialising and dinner parties which helps. Infact our perfect Saturday night is to stay in with the children and watch a movie which we all enjoy. God is good and His gentle promptings are a reminder that even though He is in control, He is a loving father.

Love the photo by the way. Have a great weekend



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