December 14, 2008

~Wow! What A Long Time To Be In Pain!~

Bless the Lord! All that is in me will bless His Holy Name!
I have all these songs buzzin' 'round in my head...Christmas carols, hymns, and movie clips from the Christmas ones we've been watching!!! I just love this holiday and all that it encompasses, despite this nagging pain.
The pain, it turns out, is a dry socket! But, I'm babying it with benzocaine...and Motrin, 800 mg.!
There is so much to be amazed about...last week, I decided to post a 'wanted' ad on Freecycle for a Christmas tree, since we threw away the old one we had and lo and behold, a wonderful woman named Daryl emailed me with a gift...a gorgeous 6' tree, complete with attached pine cones...the tree is artificial, but you'd never know it...I love it. It's the nicest tree we ever owned and all it took was asking and then believing.
How grateful I am for hearts that are tender and giving.
Thank you, Daryl, for your heartfelt generosity.
God is good...Life is good...
We were given another tree, as well, that we passed on to our neighbors, who also had need of one. That was so fun.
We couldn't get our car started yesterday and was told originally it was a fuel pump...ugh...

Well, the great news is that it was only a connection, so we didn't have to spend $100 on a part we didn't need or have the funds for!
And our mechanic, our amazing neighbor, a wonderful man of God- determined to help us despite his exhaustion, could go to bed and sleep at a decent hour!
A glorious day!~
One more love opened an etsy account to sell his awesome birdhouses...
You gotta check it out...there's only two for sale, but they're beautiful...I want them!

Dec. 14th 010

Dec. 14th 001

Dec. 14th 003

Dec. 14th 054

Dec. 14th 044

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Ashley said...

Home on tuesday night! I love all your holiday cheer - can't wait to see the new tree when I get there! What a blessing...


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