December 15, 2008

~Dust Empires!~

12-07-10-08 013
This one nagging battle...the dust empires...they set themselves up under our bed when we sleep, I just know it!
Love calls them 'dust bunnies', but I believe they are more than just a bunny...they're an entire empire determined to take over our bedroom and then the entire house.
Their quest: to bring destruction; sneezing, wheezing and robbing us of our health...similar to the 'little foxes' that try to enter the same room and 'steal' our time alone...
Take, for example, this nagging tooth focus has been on my constant pain and not on my lips getting anywhere near my Love's...
The 'little fox' comes in unannounced, and then he pounces.
'I'm not happy...'
'You've been this way far too long and I want more from this relationship'...'
You don't really care about MY needs, do you?'...
Back and forth we go with our complaints and self-centered hurts.
Then come the tears...the real heart did that little rascal get in here?
(I swept that room again today! My heart was to rid this room of germs that keep us away from each other.)
So, what's a moment like this bring?
The choices are very clear:
1. Take offense-not a good choice, but an easy one at that precise moment, right?
2. Listen and hear...Great, but extremely difficult-('You have no idea the amount of pain I'm in, do you?)
3. Wait to hear what the precious Holy Spirit does in that instant when my heart is most tender...and respond, not react.
4. An invitation to Pray...most necessary and productive, for sure.
After twenty-six years, the options are much more narrow, but more fruitful.
Dust empires will continue to march forward with their schemes, as the accuser will his to divide, lie, separate and bring more unnecessary pain.
We are not ignorant of his devices...yet, without His power there would be no way to conquer this myopic lifestyle of the flesh...
We are only truly victorious in Jesus and by His Spirit in us...the secret is no longer a secret. It is Christ in us.
Immanuel-God has come near tonite and we are a unified force against the enemy.
This one area gets the most hits. No wonder...the seed brings His Life...the fruit of His Word manifesting in the most intimate of areas or our lives.
Remember Immanuel-God with us, the next time those 'dust empires' strike~


L.L. Barkat said...

Ah, relationships. Such potential... for both pain and joy. I like how you talk about the dust bunnies as an analogy. :)

Jessie said...

To respond and not react. Definitely something I am constantly having to work on. How easily it becomes a very bad habit.

Thank you for this post.

janelle said...

I love how God is using your dust "empires."

Thank you for visiting my blog; I look forward to spending more time on yours!

Be blessed.

Caroline said...

Thanks for your comments. I really need to be reminded of God's love at the moment and to stop complaining! God is good and has given me so much. I do love It's a Wonderful Life which makes me cry every time I see it. Yes, we will be watching it this Christmas and you are right our families are the most important things in our lives and we are so looking forward to spending time together this holiday.

Thanks for this post. How it resonates with me. I can particularly relate to the dust metaphor at the moment. We not only have empires under the bed but legions and armies on every surface in every room. However, they will be defeated. Have a great few days in the run up to Christmas.
Caroline x


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