November 29, 2008


WE, love and I, figured it was time I got a move on offering my photos to anyone interested in purchasing light of that, here are a few that I'm offering...on the bottom is a slideshow of more for sale.

I appreciate all the support for my work and believe this is just the beginning...

Great camera can not be fixed, so they're giving me a new one...only drawback...the warranty is over, too!!! But, that's no biggie...yippee!!!!
Getting it tonite.

Wood strength-metal power" 8x10-$19.00
10-06-08 040
"Baked deliciousness" 8x10-$25

"Eternal Water" 8"x10"- $25

"Simplicity" 8"x10" -$25

"Restful Strength" 8"x10"-$35

"River of Life" 8"x10"-$30

...if you're interested: Prices vary on picture and size: Just email me.
We've also made frames from stressed wood like this:
Frames are $12.50 each, not included in price of photo.

Merchandise ships from: United States
ship to:

• United States: $4.00($1.50 if shipped with another item)
• Canada: $6.00 ($1.50 if shipped with another item)
• Everywhere Else: $11.00 ($5.00 if shipped with another item)

I've also made some aprons that I'm selling for Christmas gifts...let me know if you're interested. I've only got these two...hoping to get them modeled, but in the meantime, here are some pix of them.
Thanks for checking out my work...
They're both made of cotton and come with the kitchen spoons to assist in your baking!
They're adult sized, the first one being a half apron, the second a full apron.
The colors are bound to make you the center of attention at any gathering or the children will have no trouble finding mom!!!


Jessie said...

They are beautiful as are the photos. When we get moved into our new home I will have to chose some photos for my new walls!! I am excited. You are extremely talented and your blog is aboslutely peaceful. Ahhh

BTW: We got our dd a sewing machine for Christmas. Do you have any beginner sewing sites or resources you would recommend? This is new to both of us and I am looking forward to the coming adventures of learning to sew.


Freedom in the Dance said...

Sorry it took me this long to you know, from my blog, I've had issues with my tooth...but I also have no resources to offer...just use my favorite tool...the google button!!!
I need to get over to your site...have been off for the last week cuz hubby was home and the tooth.
Have a fantastic holiday...our Father is awe-inspiring and to be feared above all things...
love ya!


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