October 1, 2008

~Wholly Whole~

Days are becoming increasingly cooler.
This has led to opening of windows and breathing in sounds of birds, vehicles, ambulances, as well as the resonating of the horn on the bicycle of the sun-weathered older gentleman that treks up and down our street, hoping someone will want his 'confections' of Mexican popsicles.
He is almost as faithful as the birds that empty my feeder in a matter of hours each and every day or the giant grackles drinking and attempting to bathe, while intimidating small ones at the birdbath. Their antics are quite entertaining.
Today, when I looked, the open window revealed...a broken screen;

just a little hole, large enough for an uninvited guest to fly in and alight on my counter and bring an annoyance to my work.
Similar to little places in me that are only noticeable when someone gets close enough to see the 'real' me,
(but, oh, how large they are to me!).
Yet, for all the flaws, 'holes', per se, His light and life continue to blow through because He delights in me!
My weaknesses, His strengths. Paul understood; I, too, want to comprehend this.
Perhaps a silly analogy, but it encourages me!
I am wholly whole because of Jesus.

"As I am living in the Light as He is in the Light, then I have fellowship with others and His blood cleanses me from all sin." 1 John 1:8
I think I like the hole in the screen; it reminds me of my imperfections, His perfection.

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