October 3, 2008

~Anticipation for what is ahead!~

It's Friday...the day we've set aside to venture to the library (beautiful walk) in our quest to discover an unknown land, a new craft or just get some exercise-my idea exactly!
What I've always desired when we've made these trips is that just once they'll get excited to be there and look for something other than a drawing book or a graphic novel, i.e.-a cartoon or comic book!
Well, all of a sudden, I hear, "Look! This is just we've been trying to make-clay people, and oh!, look at this, Isaac,..." Then I hear, "let's show mom!" My heart is beaming...though I continue looking for country books on decorating, and one on composition for picture taking...they come running up to me, "Mom, Mom, look!"...
We open up this 'treasure' and I can almost see the creative juices pouring out...'Let's go home right now so we can make these cool things..." "Mom, they even show you how to make a urinal!" Now I ask you, doesn't every 'guy' toy need a urinal to use when you make a clay house!?!!!
Then Caleb starts singing, "I love this library!"
The next thing I know they've gone and employed the nice librarian to assist them in finding more books on this special interest.

We each carried a full bag of books home, ate lunch and now they're in the kitchen designing with salt-dough!

There's a rug, a table, a pizza, a lamp and eventually, I'm sure they'll design their own urinal!

Isn't this really what learning is all about? Getting our hands dirty, creating and being like our Heavenly Father?
I love Fridays!

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