September 23, 2008

~Once Again I am Overwhelmed by His Beauty!~

For three days, we've talked of getting away (originally we were headed to Corpus for the annual migration of hawks) and enjoying His creation...but for the last two days, Love has been working across the street with our wonderful neighbor on our car! They finally finished it last evening and then we headed to the grocery store to get some much needed food! It was a late nite, but we were together and I was thrilled.
So, today, cooler loaded in the trunk, we headed to solitude and a piece of Heaven...(at least that's what the brochure said). No doubt Heaven has shared a little beauty down here for us to enjoy!

My eyes became as faucets in gratitude as we drove out of the city to the beauty of the hill country and I was able to breathe again! I revel in His handiwork and the open space of the country.
We had planned on heading to a place called, "Government Canyon State Natural Area" and took the long way there. But when we pulled onto the dirt path, the gate was closed and the sign read, "Open Sat-Mon."
Most disappointing.
So, we just drove and I read to Love and then I spotted it: an enormous piece of acreage that was white...COTTON. Immediately we pulled over so I could snap some photos and there was a man in the field. He invited us down to see things close up.

We had the best conversation with him. His name is Mark Lamon and he told us he'd worked as a farmer for the last thirty years. It was all he'd ever done. His skin looked as though he'd wrestled with the sun. Yet he had a smile that said he was a satisfied man and that his efforts these last thirty years hadn't been in vain.
He asked where we were from and we told him SA and that we'd headed out to the other park. He recommended a park named, "Paradise Canyon" and said we'd like it. Then
he gave us a stalk of cotton and told us about the three ft. long rattle snake that he'd run over last nite and that his coworker had come upon, thankfully after he was dead! He told us that was one serious issue they contended with. I would have loved to have seen that snake. Really. I love that kind of stuff.
So, we took our stalk of cotton, waved goodbye and loaded it into the van and headed to Paradise. (Hit the title and you can see for yourself!)
When we got there, the gate was open,

but NO ONE was there, except a very friendly man, affectionately dubbed, "River Red". He said that the park was normally closed on weekdays now, but since I was so enthusiastic, that he'd cut us a deal and we could stay for a while. (What favor!) We got a nice rate and enjoyed swimming,

the lunch we brought and then we took a wonderful hike

along the river with these giant cliffs across the water.

Oh, my word!
The beauty was breathtaking.
The temperature perfect.
The boys were all over the place.
Up trees, on rocks,
exploring everything and they almost caught a frog, but he was way too quick.

On our way out, we thanked 'River', and then as Love drove, I read the brochure and once again, I wept. This place is one of faith.
Check out the invitation:
"For more than 50 years Paradise Canyon has offered a little piece of Heaven on the Medina River. Bring your family, jump in a tube, and be inspired by God and His swimmin' hole. Come water your soul..."
"Look at the clear, blue-green Medina river*Decide to jump in and swim*Picnic*Celebrate*Rally*Sip some coffee*Rendezvous*Get Baptized or Married-(and it goes on)*Talk to our Creator*Watch children play in the shallow springs*Get re-acquainted with your family*Read your Bible like never before*Take your family portraits in Paradise* ..."
You get the picture, right?
To think that our plans got changed only meant that Daddy had better plans for us and that once again, He knows my desires. My heart could not contain the gratitude and so tears flowed.
Thank you, Daddy, for Your unconditional love and faithfulness and especially for sharing a glimpse into what Your home must look like. You are the Creator,
for sure!


Caroline said...


So enjoyed reading about your day trip to paradise! What an amazing place. You take such good photographs.

Tesco is like a smaller version of your Wallmart. I really don't like supermarket shopping and when I can be organised enough I like to have it delivered. I tend to spend less this way as no impulse buying!

Hoovering is another word for vacuuming- shame it doesn't mean hanging out.

Have a great day. The weather here is getting colder. We've had such a bad summer over here that when the sun shines we have to make the most of it. Autumn here is usually a lovely season.

Caroline x

L.L. Barkat said...

Ah. Makes me want to return to Texas. : )


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