July 22, 2008

~The Joys and Sorrows of Being a Gramma Far Away~

I cannot imagine how the Father must have felt to watch His Son crucified on our behalf-turned His face-yet loved His creation that much that He took upon Himself our sin, our selfishness, our pride, our stubborness, our rebellion-essentially all the same thing-to bring us Home to Himself.

What a God, what a gracious Father.

Tears flowed today as I viewed my sweet grandbaby's artwork sent via email...
Then an email with our daughter's birth plan for this new baby due Christmas eve...her up there in NY, me here...separated, yearning to hear all the news of how she feels, her belly size, the baby's heartbeat, to be able to take pictures of her growing size and Hailey's voice telling her baby sister or brother, "hello in there" and all the wonderful things she does and says right now...the ache I feel, I'm sure, is nothing compared to that Ache He feels when He sees the gift of His Son's life pushed away and replaced with vain, shallow substitutions of myopic idols.
I cling to the hope that this time of separation is going to bring forth much fruit of eternal life for all of us. Just as He saw that one day, I, too, would come to Him and give Him my heart and life, I believe that one day we will be reunited and fellowship face to face.
Help me, Jesus, to get closer to You and feast on Your unfailing love.
Only then can I have joy in this time of separation from our children and grandchildren far away.


Renna said...

Comparing any of our trials to the suffereings of Jesus certainly puts them into perspective, but still, they do hurt. Praise Him for sending us the Comforter!

My baby daughter moved away from home just shy of her 21st birthday, all the way across the ocean to another country. Without the comfort of the Holy Spirit, I'm not sure how I'd have borne it. She's been back in the states for a year, and is moving next month to England. Again...:-(

Freedominthedance said...

Yup, it hurts...
My sister lived in England for atleast two years and hated it...we got very close during that time since she'd call me almost daily. Now she is in Florida with her family and we're very close.
I believe the miles apart makes us closer.
Knowing we have eternity helps tremendously.


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