July 23, 2008

~Twenty-Six Years In Love and Pictures~

July 24th marks the anniversary of the day I forever gave my heart to one man, Jeffrey Preston Smith and am sincerely grateful that my Heavenly Father was orchestrating the second most important decision I'd ever make.
I've been planning to make him an album of our life together with lots of pictures of just the two of us, but sadly, I was always the one with the camera in hand and so, there were few in the early years. I found a really cool black frame, the kind with three rows of three pictures each that stands up...and so I took pix of the old ones and turned them black and white to 'age' them as wine...like our love, and all the others I'm gonna put in an album sometime between tonite and tomorrow...

In this treasure hunt for just the right memories to share in the frame, I traveled back in time...I found our love letters from before we married when I was in NY and he was in KY in college...I found important papers like my birth certificate, and then all the hundreds (although it feels like thousands!) of pictures that never made it into an album, but were at least put in some organized pile or envelope or just in stacks. Twenty-six years of pictures, (How we've aged!) all mixed up, but love spilling out all over the floor. I only wish I'd have started months ago so I could have been more particular in which ones I chose. Love won't care; he will cherish my heart giving him just a smattering of the history we've made together.
What a history, too.
It's been an adventure that only He could have written. And He's still writing the story. This is one legacy that will last for generations to come, I'm sure.

I love you, Jef.

There are no words, or even pictures that could describe my love for you.

The words of the song you wrote for our wedding twenty-six years ago still ring true today:

"You're a part of me,

A letter written in my heart.

Put there to be loved by me.

To each other we are parts,

We are one flesh,

we are one.

With God as our Father,

Jesus is our brother,

and the Spirit is in our hearts,

WE are one.

We're both laborers,

Workers with our Lord.

Workers worthy of our hire,

Yoked together by the Word,

Hand in hand.

I will love you, Daune-

(I will love you, Jef)

I will hold and cherish you.

NO matter what comes our way,

The Lord and I will care for you.

We won't let you down.

We are one. We are one.

With God as our Father,

Jesus is our brother,

and the Spirit is in our hearts,

We are one.

1 comment:

Renna said...

Happy anniversary!

The song your love wrote to you for your wedding day is beautiful!


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