June 15, 2008

...Long Day, Short Post...

We purchased a desk and two beautiful bookcases, so...needless to say, I'm still unpacking boxes of books and as I arrange and my love sees where I'm putting the books, he's come behind me and undone it all (there is a method to his madness-He says he brings organization to my disorganization...)~! So, now I'm just putting his books on the desk and HE can do all the arranging he wants. Less frustrating, as well.
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there...the children's daddy is working, but we're going to gather with the older boys after 4:30.
There is a breakfast at church tomorrow morning and since Pastor Todd is our spiritual daddy, we've gotten him a gift to thank him for caring for our soul and spirit...did you remember your spiritual father? Perhaps you were fortunate enough for that to be the same man...that would be a wonderful gift! Then be sure to celebrate that man and if he isn't around, then ask your Heavenly Daddy to thank him for you and celebrate your Eternal Daddy...He is worthy.
Life is too short to not celebrate every moment!
Good nite...

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