June 11, 2008

~Divine Appointment~

After saying goodbye to my love for the day, the boys and I sat down on our bed and read the Word together and prayed for the opportunity to share Life today, His Way...

Shortly after that we decided to head to the thrift store down the block from us...(they had a quarter from hanging the laundry for me:)

...as I was perusing the book section (right next to the toy section), I became aware of an elderly gentleman standing next to me looking as well and I had a cookbook in my hands when I asked him what he was looking for...a cookbook! That began a conversation that developed into him sharing how he met his wife who was at chemo therapy...this was his second wife and he lost the last one to cancer as well...31 years with her and nineteen with this one...he did the cooking and was trying to find things that would help her detox...what a divine appointment...he was from Cleveland Ohio, no less! I asked if I could pray for him and his wife and I grabbed his hand and when I finished he had tears in his eyes...the Holy Spirit was tugging and he shared how he was numb from the pain of the loss in his life...a son about ten years ago to cerebral palsy, the people he'd hurt and the remorse he was feeling from his past...it was an amazing opportunity and the cool thing to me was the boys got to see, firsthand, what we've been learning about with witnessing using the Ten Commandments...they didn't interrupt me, but listened and that's living the gospel in front of the kids!

It's been a great day.
See ya...
(The pix doesn't really go anywhere...I just thought it was cool!)

1 comment:

Caroline said...

Wow! Sounds like God really used you yesterday. Welcome back to bloggy land.



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