June 10, 2008

It's Good To Be Back!

We've moved up in the world of technology and are now using broadband, rather than dial-up! Woo hoo~
I've been busily unpacking, decorating as well as cleaning every corner of this home. We love it here.
Just to show me how much my Daddy loves me...the other day, I looked out the bathroom window and spotted a hawk sitting on our blow up pool! There are a couple around here as well as the street over being very countryish...each home has either an acre or 1/2 acre and horses to boot. So, if I feel squashed from noise and traffic, I walk around the block and escape it all and pretend I'm in the country! How cool is that?
It's been a wild month, to be sure.
My sister and her family came for a week and we did the usual downtown to the Riverwalk and took the boat ride. That was fun.
We also went to this really interesting restaurant called, The Magic Time Machine, and we all dressed up ourselves, too. My sister and I were fairies, complete with wings she brought all the way from Florida for us! My brother-in-law was Zorro, Caleb was High King Peter, Isaac was a ninja, complete with this cool Japanese shirt we got at Goodwill that day and a couple of wooden swords we found down at the Market Square. That was a fun day of shopping and sight-seeing.
I also thoroughly enjoyed my niece, Emily, as she was a princess...
Then there was my future new nephew...God permitting, Joseph...What a precious jewel...I so enjoyed him.
It just happened to be Rick's birthday and we had a great time celebrating him~Emily isn't too happy here, but otherwise she was a peach!

How grateful I am to be so blessed with such a great family!

I must get back to the boxes and lunch.
Feels good to be back and once again share my heart and this journey that I'm on...
Have a great day.

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