May 24, 2008

~We Rejoice With Singing Along With The Birds!~

Rejoice with us...we've found a house...and we've already begun moving I may be gone for a while in order to move in as well as set up everything online!~

The house needs work. It's one of those diamonds in the rough, but there is much's all I've asked for and more...bay window, window seat, fireplace for Christmas stockings, french doors, lots of room, tall ceilings...nine windows in our room! There's already a tree house set up for the boys and in a year we will most likely buy it! There's two pecan trees, it's a corner lot, so there's yard all around the house, two car garage, another one car garage and a basketball court to boot! Lots of room for a garden, flowers and even a pool~

So, as you can see, our God has been faithful and given me my heart's has the feeling of living in the country cuz there are trees that surround the house and it's completely fenced in...and the price on the house is amazing! The boys are so excited...they must have said at least twenty times, "I love this house!" They can get chickens, too!

We're headed to Sea World Today cuz the temps are gonna be hot and there isn't any window units yet in the house to keep me cool to clean! Into the high 90's with the humidity in the low 100's!!!
Rejoice, I say, rejoice in our Father's love for His kiddos and His kindness to remember the little things we like~
Our God is amazing~!!!


L.L. Barkat said...

Hi there. Sorry, I just got the email you sent at the beginning of May (sometimes I forget to check that account!). It was nice to receive your encouragements about the Laity Lodge logos.

As for this lovely house, blessings! It looks marvelous. And room for a garden. I love gardens (though I'm not so good at growing them. : )

Caroline said...

Wow! Your house looks amazing! We do indeed serve an awesome God!



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