June 24, 2008

~Death Escapes None of Us~

My Kentucky friend's father-in-law passes, my other dear friend's father in NY is diagnosed with cancer. 90 and eighty, respectively...despite the age, the pain is still real, the loss and knowing that things will be different, very grievous. Yet, for both my friends, there is hope...they know this life is only temporary; there is FOREVER. The one friend will see her dad again; the other friend isn't sure and that makes the pain even more painful.

What do we cling to when those we love leave? Where do we run?

My own father is seventy-three in Oct., and I still believe that my Daddy is able to draw my daddy to repentance and a love relationship with Himself before it is over!

I have to have hope. Faith is what pleases God, causes Him to act. Not fear. I believe His power is able to reach into his heart, and I will continue to stand under His wings and be protected from all the lies that hit my mind about my parents. They gave me my birth. He brought me here through them and His plan is that none are lost. His mercies are new every morning...for them; for me. His rain and sun fall on the just and unjust. IF His compassion is still available, then I will believe and speak.

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Jessie said...

Oh Amen! Keep believing and speaking.

I enjoy your blog very much and all of your encouraging words. You are a blessing!!!!!


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