June 23, 2008

Marriage Monday, plus...

Being married almost twenty-six years has been like making history right before our own eyes. There just aren't enough couples in love and working to reveal how appetizing this kingdom really is!
Marriage is the kingdom of God on the earth and what I like the most is that it does bear good fruit...security in our children-among other things, they have no fear of speaking to people; They take people at face value; yet they are learning to be innocent as doves and wise as serpents... If someone takes the time to invest in them, there's no fear that they will hurt them, like children are supposed to be...I love it.

But that's not really what I want to write about...we live in a culture that gives permission and encourages people to shack up and 'see' if they are compatible for life, then maybe they get married. No one seems to know what real love is...how it's unselfish, committed-no matter what, that it's not something based on feelings and hormones...opposite of all the reasons people give for relationships..."he makes me feel good".
"If it doesn't work, I'll just dump him", ..'what am I getting out of this relationship?'

We've all seem to have forgotten the heart of things. What can I do to help this one person become all they are meant to be? How can I serve this relationship so that the truth wins here and not my selfish ambitions?

...just ramblings...

We saw this billboard today, "Come to our church and find yourself"...made us laugh! I'm having no trouble finding 'self'; my struggle is losing myself in Him in order that I can really live...why do we have just about everything in our lives backwards?

Today, Isaac and I sat outside and read the Word together and we put up a chair for Jesus and asked Him to join us as we read..it was sweet and I think it made Isaac take note that He can be tangible, even if it's in his imagination...so much else goes on there (in his imagination), why shouldn't he focus on that in his mind, too? He got up and brought me a glass of water; he brought Jesus a cup, too!

I'm rambling about relationships because after we watched, "Juno" yesterday, I am saddened deeply by the shallowness and stupidity of the world we live in... Don't see this movie unless you have a remote in hand to fast forward the parts that are definitely inappropriate and you are prepared to find they give no real solution to the sin problem...the only solution is Jesus and they weren't trying to give Him to anyone, anyway...just depicting what a mess our thinking is in...it did inspire my love to make a movie to give hope.

Do marriages work today? Does love go on until one of us dies? Without having Jesus as the cornerstone of your life, there is no resounding Yes, but with Jesus I know firsthand that marriage not only works, but it is contagious...it's love and love does not give up, lose hope, or fail...only His love. Love that died so we can live.
How is your marriage today? How is your Jesus today?


L.L. Barkat said...

I like this vision of a marriage that matures into fruitfulness. I'm thinking of all the rain, the sun, even the compost that goes into such growth. I think in my own marriage I've had cycles of each. It is inspiring to see your love.

Freedominthedance said...

thanks for the encouragement...the 'funny' thing is that it came at the price of pain, hard work, tears, work, sacrifice, work...I seem to keep repeating that one word that makes success happen in any arena! Too bad our culture wants the fruit ripe and delicious, but forgets that it took some hard workin' farmer the tenaciousness not to quit when it was dry or hot outside in order to bring it to 'fruition' and to the grocery store for them~!
Nice to know my mom and daughter aren't the only ones that read this blog;)...and oh, berto, who thinks it's not interesting! My boys thought his post was stupid and deleted it before I could respond to him~

Jessie said...

Your photo is precious! I like how well you put the beauty of marriage in words. Marriage is Holy. It is the institution we have here on earth that represents and reveals the plan of God for the church, the body of Christ. How intimately we should live with our Lord. As He walks and moves, we should. We should "know" Him as people married for over 20 years "know" each other. That precious intimacy. I love marriage. It is restoring just as Jesus has restored us and is a Lord of restoration. It is healing as also our Jesus is Our Healer....and I could go on....*grin*


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