May 14, 2008

~Joshua-David is 25 today!~

As of 1:55 this coming morning, which is only a little while from now as I write, our son, Josh, will turn a quarter of a century old! Yet, I am still so young; how can that be? I know, it's the Mary Kay, gotta be~!!!
Been a challenging week and I've been mulling, praying and thinking of what I am going to share about what I've been learning lately...remember that once a week, one of us members of Ekklesia gets our 'turn' to either teach, if you're of the male persuasion, or share if you are a lady and know that women aren't to teach, with all the semantics out of the way...;)...what to 'share' on...?
Realizing that when one spills a cup of liquid over, the contents spill ~WELL, this past week, the 'milk' seems to be curdling~either that or I look at it from the angle that this 'cup', is either half full, rather than half empty, to which I would say that there needs to be more liquid in the cup in order that those that are thirsty around me might be given more than a drop of 'water'!
One can only squeeze that which one is holding...either a lemon to make lemonade and heaven forbid that one has a cut on their burns severely, although the only one that receives the pain is the one holding the lemon...
I think I'd like to share on how our Father has given such a plethora of word pictures to teach us so many spiritual principles that we can refer to when we're struggling, growing, being pruned or just needing encouragement.
Just my ponderings tonite as I'm working through a difficult situation and I needed to be light about it.
Thanks for allowing the 'juices' to flow~

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