May 11, 2008

~What A Glorious Mother's Day It Was!~

Raising sons is a treasure that one can only appreciate if they have the battle scars to prove it (not meaning the stretch marks that all babies give mom). Like grey hair (at a young age!) from watching them jump from the garage roof-thinking you're not looking or bringing in a mouse they've caught from the yard or a snake, etc. You get the picture. There's loud music, instruments, dirty underwear contests, dangerous stunts, dives, 'girl's are the devil' mentality that lasts for years (but not forever!), and so many other things that separate boys from girls.

Mind you, there are things that girls do, as well, like this, but boys don't stop until their heads hit the pillow and their energy levels are so much higher physically than least that's what I've discovered.
We've raised only one daughter, so far, and I have enjoyed the fact that we are so close. Like, for example, she called today and told me she had to head to the ER because she's lost five lbs. and not eaten or drunk for a week...and she was heart ached and I wanted to fly to her side immediately. I told her it's 'cuz there's twins in there!'...but that didn't help. We prayed and I encouraged her to grab hold of her emotions because the truth was that the baby is fine and so is she. She just needed to do the right thing, get fluids and rest...she called at 7:30 and said they pumped her with two bags of fluid and meds to deal with the nausea! She is resting and I know she'll be fine.
It's a different kind of mother's love for her than the boys, but it's still mommy's love.
I had a most glorious day with the boys. They made me feel so special, and Josh outdid himself with chocolate, more chocolate, a candle, pink carnations and a homemade card that was hilarious. Caleb cuddled with me and read me the Proverb of the day. Isaac made me coffee and Dan is saving his until we move. No room here for his gift.
But the best gift was that all five (Brenden, their roommate, came too!) picked us up for church because Pastor Todd was preparing breakfast for all the moms. Walking in with them and knowing they are my sons made my day! I was so proud of them when, after the service, they all picked up instruments and began playing together with Sandy, our drummer and Pastor...I videotaped it for Jef who had to work :(
We did do dinner together and that just topped off the entire day.
May I never take lightly the 'career' of imparting life to my children as well the spiritual babies that will be birthed through the seed of Eternal Life that grows within me.
I love my job!

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Caroline said...

Hi Daune,

Thanks for your comments. Your photos are great. I must upload some photos on my blog. We're having computer problems and camera problems at the moment and we are not too good at sorting them out.

The dish I made was pavlova. It is a meringue base with whipping cream on top and then a layer of soft fruit such as strawberries.

I work as a health visitor two days a week. My background is nursing (paediatric). I don't think you have them in the States. We are like maternity nurses and visit mothers and their new babies from two weeks old and support them with feeding, postnatal depression etc. We monitor the health and development of children until they are five years old when they start school and much work is with vulnerable families with issues such as domestic violence and drugs etc

I have visited the States twice. Both times Florida. We went to Florida last October and took the children to Disney. We also stayed on the coast for a week which I preferred.

It is a shame your sister thought the UK was dismal and I'm not surprised as the weather is typically seasonal. That is why I'm relishing the lovely hot and sunny weather we are having at the moment. We do have some beautiful scenery in England though, particularly the Lake District and Peak District.

Anyway have a great day
God bless you in all that you do at home with your family.



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