April 27, 2008

~Four Hours at McDonalds~

Choices...we all make them, right? So, why do I complain about the outcome or why do I blame others for the consequences of the choices I make? I think it's either because it's easier to blame others or I don't see the need to take personal responsibility or both. Either way, I've missed the opportunity to be conformed to His image and allow Him to produce the fruit of the Spirit in me. Childishness...
I'm not saying that there aren't times when I am in a situation I have no control over, but even then, I still have a choice to make, right? Growing up is so painful sometimes!
Like sitting at McDonalds for four hours...it wasn't my druthers, but I chose to go there, the boys needed a place to expend a ton of energy, Jef was at work, and it was so muddy outside in the yard...then shortly before we got there, my phone ran out of battery, so I couldn't call anyone! I had my Bible so I just read and read and prayed and read some more...it was a great time for them, and I did enjoy the 'alone' time...but I could have gotten into self-pity that the time was wasted by sitting there and not 'doing' anything...it wasn't. I could have left earlier, sure. But I chose not to and as a result I learned to wait.
A lesson learned. My life is not my own. I don't always have to like that, but I get to be obedient and if I screw up, I get to repent and go the other direction. That is maturity...that is what I am hungry for.
My life is not my own.
I was bought with a price; therefore, I will glorify God and grow from my choices, good and sometimes not so good!


amy said...

Blogger is awesome. I've tried wordpress and it's kind of confusing and xanga I've never liked...so yay!

Gosh, I feel super special that I made your list of favorite blogs. I was pretty sure I am the only one who reads mine! Haha.

Have a good week :)

Daune said...

I was just thinking and praying for you yesterday...I didn't know you wrote...I need to fix the blogger so I get emails of the posts made!
What I think is awesome is that people have found my blog in places I never dreamed of. How cool of God, ya know?
Have a fantastic weekend.


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